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"Kretjavod" discussed the problem of a self-opening Hyundai Creta door


The trouble was a rare incident, and it has at least two solutions that motorists told on a thematic forum devoted to the Korean crossover.

Kretavoudov discussed the issue of a self-opening Hyundai Creta door after a motorist complaint from a forum whose roof rug "lives on with his life." According to the owner of the crossover, several times the door itself opened, after which it was not closed.

The owner of Hyundai Creta also noted that now the door does not close and does not open either the button for unlocking the door or the keychain, but it can be opened from the alarm control trinket, but it is not always possible to do it the first time.

Obviously, there is a malfunction of the lock of the luggage cover of the Hyundai Creta, but the owner of the crossover does not know how to be in this situation, as to the dealer to go far – the car was bought in another city.

In response to the story of a motorist, "kretavoudov" reported that dealers have already received many appeals with a similar problem with Hyundai Creta. Apparently, there is a constructive disadvantage of the crossover, and forum users point out that the malfunction is eliminated precisely by "officers". However, one of the motorists on the forum said that he was faced with the same trouble, and he eliminated it on its own.

According to the forum member, he removed a rubber stopper from the button and washed the door. The motorist explained that it clings to its body due to poor factory lubrication. After washing, you should carefully handle the cap with a silicone lubricant. The hardest thing is to turn the stylus back on its place, but it's worth sweeping over it.

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