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Ksenia Sobchak showed her mother Lyudmila Narusova playing with a grandson of 2 years

14:43, 11/17/2018

Public figure shared a funny video with Plato's son in his micrograph on Instagram.

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On the eve of his son's anniversary Dishwho will be 2 years tomorrow, Ksenia Sobchak announced a funny video with a baby in the Instagram's microblog Stories section. In the star of the star star television Lyudmila Narusova play with grandson sitting on the floor. "We'll give her a real injection to her and immediately she's getting better. Come on, put the shot yourself," – says Narusova, drawing Plato toy spray. The boy agrees with her grandmother and gives her injection to soft toy dogs. Sobchak himself, who shot the video, laughed behind the curtains.

Ksenia Sobchak showed her mother Lyudmila Narusova playing with a grandson of 2 years

Note, a few years ago, Xenia could not be imagined as a mother. He talked unfavorably about children and discretionary secular parties to his / her family. However, after Maxim Vitorgan's married journalist and giving birth to Plato, the situation changed dramatically. According to the spouse of the television star, Xenia has become a "crazy mother". "Do you see what's happening to her?" Do you see that she is a crazy mum? Do you think this is a kind of calculation? I will not say: "Finish away," but she can not stop. His emotions are overflowing. This is absolutely unreasonable. She was turned out to be a crazy mum and all. But to be honest, I always said that it would be, "said the actor.

By the way, Sobchak regularly publishes touch frames with a son in social networks, trying not to show the child's face. According to Xenia, she just does this for security reasons. Also, the TV star partly achieves the achievements of his son. So, on his birthday, Xenia received a postcard with Plato with his own hands. In addition, Sobchak said more than once that his son was learning to swim when it was only one month old. "It was born, a month has passed. We started to take it straight away, so he did not walk again, but he was already swimming, jumping from the side. Now he has a schedule already: swim three times a week , sports twice a week, "said Xenia in an interview with Regina Todorenko.

Although the boy is only two years old, his famous parents already think which school he will be attending and what kind of education he will receive. At least, Sobchak discusses this publicly in his microfilm, saying that no amazing schools will be paid by Rublev. It is worth noting that, as soon as Plato was one year old and a half, Ksenia and Maxim sent him to a language school, where the boy studied English and communicates with his peers. Soon, according to Sobchak, she plans to learn Plato also in Chinese.

Mab Ksenia Sobchak to Maxim Vitorgan Plato

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