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Lesya Nikitjuk first showed her child (PHOTOS)


Television presenter Lesia Nikitjuk is a true favorite of Ukrainian spectators. The TV star has become famous thanks to the show Eagle and Resh, where he was leading along with Andriy Badnyakov. After completing the shooting, she did not disappear from the TV screens, but became the lead of several projects on the New Channel.

This is reported by clutch.ua

This winter, Lesya traveled a lot around the world and filmed the program in his video blog on YouTub. In Instagram, Nikityk has nearly three million folk who actively follow the page of their favorite TV presenter.

Recently, the fans suspected that Lesya Nikitiuk was betrothed, since she had noticed her ring on her ring finger. And yesterday, July 3, in a signature to the photo, Lesya told that she had celebrated the evening-evening. Most likely, this is about the evening evening before the wedding of Regina Todorenko, which took place in Italy yesterday.

Yesterday, July 9th, in his Instagram Lesya Nikitjuk has published several new cute videos. On them the TV star is displayed with a small child in his hands. Most likely, the baby is a child of her relatives or friends from Khmelnytsky, where she went to visit relatives after she returned from Italy, where she celebrated the wedding of Regina Todorenko.

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