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Life after UPL: French adventures bullying Brandao – Premiere League


i am: Evaiverson Lemos da Silva (Brandau)
Place of birth: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Date of birth: June 16, 1980 (39)
Nationality: Brazilian
position: attacker
Height: 189 cm
Total cost per car (according to Transfermarkt data): from 50 thousand to 8.5 million euros

Car & # 39; s

1998-2000Halo Maringa (Brazil)185
2000-2001Unian Bandeiranta (Brazil)267
2001-2002Irati (Brazil)207
2002San Caetano (Brazil)2310
2002-2008Shakhtar (Ukraine)21691
2009-2012Marseille (France)11631
2011 *Cruzeiro (Brazil)60
2011 *Gremio (Brazil)144
2012-2014Saint-Etienne (France)6723
2014-2016Bastia (France)394
2017Londrina (Brazil)91
2017Levadiakos (Greece)92

* rent

How did Brandao play?

Car in the ULC

Began his football career Evaiverson Lemos da Silva, he is Brandao, in native Brazil. His first clubs were "Halo Maringa", "Unian Bandyaranti" and "Irati". It was in his last club and he saw himself Donetsk Shakhtar, then still acted under the direction of Neviio Scala. In July 2002, the Brazilian signed a contract with the miners and remained in their possession for a long six and a half years.

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In the Ukrainian club, the striker played under the leadership of four coaches: Neviop Scala, Valery Yaremchenko, Bernd Schuster and Mircea Lucescu. It was the last two he singled out as his main teacher of European football. Since he was one of the first Brazilians in the club, so he had the hardest. Without knowledge of the language to get used to the new football conditions was quite difficult, which affected the lack of a large number of gaming practices in the early years. As the footballer himself said, he had to change his game in his manner.

"They have deprived me of the Brazilian habit of long messing with their mushrooms. They just do not give it time in Ukraine. I was told to be more prudent, they were taught to part with me as soon as possible." In Brazil, attackers never fail to attack return to defense, and here it is in order of things. I became more efficient and disciplined player.

The main difficulties? Games in the snowfall. I never saw snow in Ukraine. At the same time, he did not just collide with the snow on a regular basis, but sometimes he played under such conditions. How I would like in those moments to return to the Brazilian beach and fall into hot sand! ", – Brandoo remembers with a smile in an interview with the magazine" Football ".

Competition in the miners' attack during all the years of Brandao's stay was not bad: Julius Aghaha, Luis Adriano, Chiprian Marica, Andrei Vorobey, Alexander Gladky, Yevhen Seleznev. He called the "miners" the strongest forwards of the first two, but despite the great competition, he managed to win their struggle for a place in the starting lineup, or at all he went out with them in the duet. With Mircea Lucescu, the forward received a large amount of practice practice and was one of the main favorites of a Romanian specialist. There were even rumors that Lucescu had repeatedly invited the striker to the Donetsk team even after his performances at Marseille, but the forward refused to enter the same river twice.

With such trust Brandano scored goals scored. True, in most cases, these goals fell on ordinary matches of the championship, but not on important meetings. With the same Dynamo Kyiv, Brandano scored only in the first years, and after – it was a turn of the head drought in the central meetings of the tournament. Yes, and often fans were very critical of the forward, after all, as they say, from 10 points he scored only three. Despite this, after a while he still managed to "shoot" and even become the best scorer of the Ukrainian championship in the 2005/2006 season, scoring 15 goals.

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Mig Brando enter the history of the Ukrainian championship and as the author of the fastest goal, but scored Metalist's goal at the 10th second. (Alexander Kosirin distinguished himself at the 9th second, and Roman Yaremchuk at the 8th, becoming the author of the fastest man, – see Aut.). However, exactly the same meeting with Metallist in 2005 allowed him to become the author of the fastest double in the history of UPL – already at least a minute the Brazilian scored twice. By the way, the same match has become one of its most successful in the "miners" state. Four goals from Brandoa were sent to the Gumenyuk gates.

It should also be noted that Brandau scored only one team – Celtic – in the Champions League for Shakhtar. In 2004 and 2008. In total in European competitions he scored for "miners" 15 goals in 52 matches. In addition to the goals scored, the footballer also differed from the negative side, becoming one of the undisciplined scorers-legionnaires of the Ukrainian Championship. Frequently Brandao was distinguished by gross acts that was left out of the attention of the arbitrators and poured into the player in unnecessary warnings.

There were talks and a challenge to a player in the ranks of two national teams: native Brazil and the national team of Ukraine. If he did not wait from the first call, then the second one was of serious interest and he could well be one of the first Brazilian legionnaires of the national team, but, as the player himself stated in the interview, he refused to do so in order to avoid unnecessary problems.

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A successful game in the Ukrainian championship did not leave it unattended by a number of European clubs, who almost all the time wanted to lure the forward to himself. The conversations went different, but in the end his fate dropped to France – "Marseille" turned out to be the most persistent and agreed his move for six million euros in January 2009 year.

Life after ULP

Four seasons Brandauo has been one of the most celebrated clubs in France. He scored on average in every 4th match. At the same time he managed to get to France in a very successful time for "Marseille". At that time, PSG was far from a grand, and in the 2009/10 season, it took 13th place. Championship gold medals on their necks hanged the Marseilles players. In the same year he won both the French League Cup and the French Super Cup. And in the 2011/12 season, he added another League Cup to the collection.

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In 2011 Brandao had one of the most unpleasant moments in his life, which he himself would be very reluctant to talk about later. March 8, Marcela striker Brandao was arrested on suspicion of sexual violence. AP sources said this. The girl filed a statement to the police claiming that the 30-year-old (at that time) Brazilian was trying to force her into sexual relations in her car. Brandoa offered the girl to take her to the house of the night club, and in the car, as she claimed, attacked her. The investigation lasted a year and a half, but eventually all charges were removed from the Brazilian.

It is interesting that Brandoa, at the end of March 2011, went on to rent in Cruzeiro, in which he had to play until December, but in the summer changed the club inside Brazil and continued to play now in Gremio.

However, as a result, Brando still returned to France. In the summer of 2012, the Brazilian became a free agent and moved to another club in the League 1 – "Saint-Etienne." The contract was signed for two seasons. Brandao scored for a new team on average in every third match. But he is remembered as fans of this club thanks to the victorious goal in the final of the League Cup.

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After "Saint-Etienne" was "Bastia". Brandoa got them for free, and a contract with a Brazilian was signed for one season with the possibility of continuation. On August 16, the same year, after finishing the match of the second round of the French championship between Bastia and PSG, Brandao struck the player of the Parisians Thiago Motta face to face. The doctors diagnosed the PSG fracture of the nose. A bit later, the Parisian court issued a verdict against Brandoa, who struck the head of the midfielder Pari Saint-Germain. A 34-year-old Brazilian striker was sentenced to a month of imprisonment and fined 20,000 euros. The prosecutor demanded a player's imprisonment for a term of 8 months, but in the end even this one month was replaced by public works.

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For two years in "Bastia" Brandoa scored only 4 goals and went on the rights of a free agent. Then there were Brazilian clubs from the lower divisions. Brandao tried to return to European football two years ago, signing a contract with the Greek club Levadiakos. Played 9 matches and scored two goals in them. But in the winter, however, he decided to complete the player's card.

At 38, Brandauo began a new life. He decided to become a coach.

"The course was faster than the idea of ​​my father," says Evverson Lemos da Silva. "At a time when my father finished his career, he even received an invitation to become a coach, but he did not want to continue his career in football," Brando said.

"Of course, I respect all those who help me to become a trainer in Brazil, but I dream of working once, not only here, in Londrini, but also outside the country, it is possible to break the stereotype that Brazilian coaches can not work well in Europe. I'm still learning, but I think I'm on the right track. "

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With regard to Brando's trainer's style, he wants to see a good balance between attack and defense in his team, so that his team controls the situation on the field.

"I studied at all the coaches with whom I worked," he admitted. "But I think I will try to combine the works of Deschamps, Lucescu and Shuster, who was my coach in Shakhtar Donetsk, and then worked in Real. These are excellent professionals who will definitely become good benchmarks for my career." ; the coach is ", – considers Brandoa.

The Brazilian does not hide the fact that he wants to return to Europe already as a trainer. He dreams of working in Saint-Etienne and Shakhty. French fans remembered Brandano, as the winner, scores many goals. They do not mind that he once head their club.

Brandoa has a wife Fernando and two children: her 4 year old son David and daughter Sofia who recently celebrated the year. For the first Sofia's birthday, seven Brazilians invited 170 guests. Living Brandoa is now in Londrina, a city with a population of about 600 thousand. He is one of the most famous people in the city, especially in the world of football. But, unlike many other Brazilians, Brando wants to return to Europe sooner rather than later. Who knows, maybe he will ever work in Shakhtar and can win with him the European League (formerly UEFA Cup), which could not win when he was a player.

Interesting Facts

Brandoa went from Shakhtar to Marseille in winter, in January. Interestingly, already in April, these teams met in the framework of the quarterfinals of the UEFA Cup. "Miners" won twice (2: 0 at home and 2: 1 on the exit – note). And they went to the semi-final, where they met with Dynamo. Kyiv also beat Shakhtar, and in the final managed to overcome "Werder" and won the UEFA Cup. Brandoo did not play in matches with the Donetsk team.

Brandoa often scored goals in the first minutes of matches. For example, in one of the matches with Metalist, he scored two goals on the 5th minute of the game! The first and absolutely scored at the 10th second. At that moment it was the fastest double in the championships of Ukraine. Totally Brandano scored 4 goals in that match, and the match ended with Shakhtar's victory 5: 1.

Brandoa became the best scorer of the Ukrainian Championship. In the 2005/06 season, the Brazilian scored 15 goals. Shakhtar then became the champion of the country. Interestingly, Immanuel Okodov also scored 15 goals for Arsenal. The only difference is that the Brazilian needed 26 matches for this, and Nigerian – 29.

Brandoa could play for the national team of Ukraine at the 2006 World Championship. The footballer himself recently confirmed this information in the "Football" interview. He said that "it was necessary to sacrifice a Brazilian passport, although I was told that I might as if leave him, but I did not want to be caught in a lie."

Brandoa boasts a rather rare achievement. He not only won the French League Cup three times in a row, but also made it into two different clubs. He won the first two titles when he spoke for Marseille. The third – when he moved to St. Etienne. At the same time, Brando also became the author of a single and, accordingly, victorious goal.

Life after UPL: French adventures bully Brandao - image 8
Brando with his father

Brando's father was also a footballer, but his whole career was for Brazilian clubs. The most famous of them was "São Paulo". The rest of the teams represented lower divisions. At 35, he completed his career at Pato Branco's modest club. It was his father who insisted that Brandoa return to Brazil and become a coach at Londrini, with whom many of the good memories of the older Brandano are celebrated.

Brandoa was often criticized for not the best realization of the moments, but in reality he scored a lot. The Brazilian is part of the so-called "Maxim Shatsky Club" – a symbolic club of foreign footballers who scored for a card with 50 or more heads for the Ukrainian team at the highest level. Named in honor of Shatskikh because he scored the most goals from foreigners – 171. 125 – Luis Adriano, 92 – Joan Morales and 91 – Brandao. Interestingly, Joan Morais has bypassed Brando only last season, having issued a successful season in Donetsk's Shakhtar.

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