In the show with the rapper Basta, he spoke the humor about his personal life before meeting with Alla.

A new Gazlive show release was released with Maxim Galkin on the Gazgolder channel. The hostess of the Basta show asked the guest questions sent by users. Among them was the traditional question: "Why Alla?".

Galkin accepted this subject quietly. "Age questions, jokes about the fact that I love the elderly – I've been living with this for many years. I do not love elderly people. I love one person. I fell in love with her when I was 25, she was 52. I loved Alla, I do not care how old it is! I do not love her for her His age is good. We were all together with everything that happened to be beautiful between two people who loved each other. And we had children – children can not just appear in love, "answered Maxim.

The show stressed that the matter was far from Alla Pugachev than he: "Before 25 years old, I had many dear women. Not saying I was a revealer … They were all the same age , and I was really feeling with them. But when I saw Alla … ".

Galkin noted that the Diva was even younger than him in many "inner seconds". "It's all about tediousness. She said I was a pensioner and an old man, and she was young."

Another question from the user talked about this: "When you're 70 years old, will you try to catch up with a young woman?" Maxim noted that Alla Borisovna was in good health and said that on the site of the author's question site would not break the option that was with Pugacheva forever. "I hope I'll always have one woman now," the summarized summarizes.

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