Saturday , July 31 2021

Microsoft can release Xbox One without flexible drive

Microsoft can release Xbox One without flexible driveMicrosoft is already working on the next generation Xbox.

According to Thurrott, Microsoft is working to create an Xbox One consol without a flexible drive, which it expects to release next year.

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Without a doubt, Microsoft is already working on the next Xbox, but the company may also release the current generation console. – – Xbox one – – in new configurations. According to sources of the Thurrott portal, Microsoft is now busy creating several new versions of Xbox One, including the version without flexible drive.

This is meant to reduce the cost of the consol. – – For those people who do not use physical copies of video games or movies – – for about 100 dollars. In addition, according to Thurrott, the company prepares and prepares a special program that will allow you to "swap" the physical copy of the game for the code to download the digital version.

Another new version, reported, may have updated Xbox One S, which will also be cheaper, but it will still contain a drive. In Microsoft, according to individuals, they understand that some people still prefer physical media, they do not want to completely change the "figure."

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Although this is, of course, no more than rumors. When Microsoft officially publishes new systems (and whether it is published at all) is unknown at the moment.

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