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Scary singer Miley Cyrus told Revelation about her marriage and sexual orientation


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Popular singer Miley Cyrus I shared spicy details about my marriage and personal life in general. She described this in an interview with the American edition ELLE.

So, his marriage to Liam Hemsworth called the artist a "difficult", noting that they had a difficult relationship before marriage.

"Our relations are unique, and I am not sure that I can publicly talk about them with outsiders, because our relations are very complicated, very modern – I doubt that the majority will be able to understand them," the singer shares.

At the same time, Cyrus admitted that, despite the official marriage, she still attracted women.

"Do people really think I'm coming home and standing in an apron, preparing a dinner? Yes, I have heterosexual relationships, but I still have sexually attracted women. I definitely do not fit the description of a stereotyped wife," he commented on his the sexual orientation of the star.

The singer also emphasized that her plans did not include the birth of children, and urged adherents not to condemn it and to take everyone's choices.

"We are expecting that we will give birth to support the population on the planet, and if it is not part of our plans, then it immediately causes so much condemnation and anger that people even come up with new laws to help you get it." without thinking about getting pregnant as a result of violence. If you do not want to have children, people will sympathize with you and will regret you, believing that you are a cold, heartless person who can not love, "- said Cyrus.

As reported NEWSONE earlier, American singer Miley Cyrus flew by plane twice tried to make an emergency landing.

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