Friday , September 17 2021

The Argentinean player went to a car with a pregnant girl

Defender of the Argentinean club Independiente Alan Franco went to a car where a pregnant woman was heading to the hospital.

Franco made an accident in Argentina's capital Buenos Aires when he returned from a party in honor of the birthday of a close friend, reports The Star

The 22-year-old player "flew" into the car, which was Camila Carrera and her boyfriend Ivan Moon. A 20-year-old girl, staying in the seventh month of pregnancy, went to the hospital with her boyfriend John Moon. A future mother has received a number of injuries, but her pregnancy is out of danger.

Police immediately conducted a test for the drivers of both cars. According to eyewitnesses, Franco tried to throw out his cans of alcohol from his car.

Earlier it was reported that a member of the American club, Di Si U. Wayne Rooney, was arrested in the United States for his pranks in a public place.

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