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The beauty from "Women's Quarter" sparked a romance with a colleague-quarter: a photo of a stellar couple. Polytechnic


Star "Women's Quarter" twisted a passionate romance with a colleague in the studio "Quarter 95"

Katerina Nikitina, a humorist and actress of the Women's Quarter, spoke about his novel with a colleague from the studio "95 quarter", the star of the Improv Live Show by Konstantin Trembovetsky. This girl reported on her Facebook page. Katerina dedicated her post to her beloved, congratulating him on his birthday.

"Today is a special day! ❤️Today, my beloved, intelligent, most beautiful man, BIRTHDAY ? You are incredible, you are special, you are really not like everyone! ? You are my happiness ? I wish that a smile from your face never disappeared! I want to be saaaaaem happy man in the world! ?
Ps. And in this, I'll help you the best man in the world! My ideal is my second half-horse posteJe t & # 39; aime ❤️ on a birthday party) ", – wrote Katya.

Nikitina is the youngest member of the Women's Quarter, she is only 23 years old. Trembovetsky is 27 years old, he is divorced and brings up his son. Lovers met in Turkey at the "Veselo" festival in 2018.

"He liked me at once, but then I did not dare to approach him. And so a year later we met, "- confessed the girl.

Earlier it was reported that LALIKO (Lali Ergemlidze), a singer and artist of the Quarter 95 studio, featured in the famous "Women's Quarter", shared with her fans a vivid archive of photos. In the picture, the artist is portrayed on stage with his former colleague on the Quarter, and now President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. In this case, LALIKO looks very impressive: the artist poses in a seductive black dress with a large lace and brave neckline, which emphasizes her chest advantageously.

"Well … in fact, almost nothing has changed since then, again, wait in the fall for fresh issues of the Women's Quarter," – signed a picture of LALIKO.

Recall, the daughter Kravets from "Quarter 95" stunned a radical change of image.

As reported by Politeka, the star of the Quarter 95 boasted perfect shapes in a tiny bikini: "Witch!".

Politeka also wrote that the beauty from "Quarter 95" struck a courageous photo with Koshova: "Oh, which is in Zheka long."

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