Tuesday , June 15 2021

Xiaomi was proud to buy their smart phones

The secretary does not have any advantages and disadvantages in mobile devices from any manufacturer. Someone bets on a beautiful appearance, someone offers the perfect software, and someone tries to provide the best quality pictures on the market. Today, November 17, 2018, the network has information that smart Xiaomi phones have had a feature that will definitely be their customers, because this electronic manufacturer has managed to revolutionize the camera market in phones .

It is said that Xiaomi is about to buy the Mito company. She has hundreds of different patents for her proprietary technology. They are special algorithms that significantly improve the quality of the pictures. With this bargain, the Chinese electronics maker intends to provide its brand name phones with huge competitive advantage, which makes smart photos.

Xiaomi My Note 4

All of this shows that all Xiaomi phones very soon, at least released in 2019, will be able to make outstanding pictures in every way. The main advantage of AI software algorithms is based on the fact that they can be embedded in any mobile device without the need to install some expensive optics or something else in it. Due to this, the quality of the images will even improve on budget phones with a price tag of up to $ 120.

Xiaomi My 8

According to the head of Xiaomi, who commented on taking advantage of Mito in the future, his corporation invests huge sums of money in creating and improving artificial intelligence systems to improve the performance of all branded mobile device cameras substantial. Already, the team of people who are involved in the development of this area include thousands of experts, many of whom have more than 10 years experience in this area.

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