Friday , September 17 2021

Arsenal conveys news: Emery offers Ozila two clubs in hopes of completing Carrasco's Football Sport

Emery expressed an opinion on the January plans for Arsenal, as the Spaniard found that gunners can only complete loan agreements due to lack of funds.

Arsenal hopes to sign Barcelona Aussie Denis Suarez this month, and gunners also befriend Karlasto's striker Dalian Iphan.

And according to TuttoMercatoWebBoss Arsenal Emery is desperately trying to dump Osila to make money on Carrasco.

It is said that the bombers offered the Germans Juventus and Inter.

Nevertheless, the salary of Ozila at 350 thousand dollars a week is a stumbling block to the Italian giants.

TuttoMercatoWeb We'll add that Arsenal can afford the star of Carrasco, who can release Osila this month.

Emery decided to leave Osila from her team, Arsenal, who lost to West Ham on Saturday afternoon.

However, the Spaniard defended his decision, insisting on the last word.

Hero-artillerists Paul Mearson recently called on Emery to sell Osila, arguing that the playmaker stops other world-class stars from the arsenal.

Mercon said: "Arsenal should get rid of Mesut Ozila.

– They need his salary, because he does not give them anything now.

– He is unlikely to play, and when he does, the manager tears him half a year.

"You can not justify paying so much money if he does not start each game and changes.

– He is also a problem, because while he is there, he will stop the signing by Arsenal of real players of the world class.

"Any big star" 80-90 million "wants to become the most expensive player in the club, but this can not happen with Ozil for so much money.

"Unay Emery looks like a man told to play so they can show people what he can still do and put it in a shop window.

– But this just does not work, and this is the reason that Aaron Ramsey wants to leave. He has the right to wonder why Arsenal will not give him what he wants, when they give Ozila much more.

– Those who are doing more now.

"When Ozil brings his A-game, he is one of the best players in the country, but how often do we see it from him?"

– I think he needs to go to Italy where the game is slower and he can have more influence.

"If Arsenal can make any deal, when they have to subsidize his wages, they must do it to get rid of it, it's time to bite the ball."

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