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Cheryl: I'm a new person! The same accent for Music

FiIn the remainder of Surrey's house in 2002, Cheryl extends on the edge of his bed. She recently moved her recently but her bedroom has a few homely touches: pictures on the sideboard, that kind of thing. She thinks carefully before answering questions but when I ask what she is scared, the answer is straightforward and direct. "Meet the man of my dreams afterwards being hurt," he said quietly. "When you trust someone and they cheat you, it's not a nice feeling."

16-year flash-on and pre-famous artist As Cheryl Tweedy is sitting at the HQ, he's pushed in some kind of conifers based on grain with a plastic fork. Our paths have crossed a handful of times over the years, but when I said that we have not met since Cheryl turned 30 years, five years ago, she's very excited. "Nice to meet you!" She is a traw. "I'm a new person! The same accent, however."

New Cheryl is a woman, she says, when she was only a girl. "Being a teenager is bad," he said. "I never want to be in my 20s yet. My life since the baby, and my life before the baby … they are two different people, in the best way possible."

So what's it scared now? The answer is "Something to do with baby". I'll remember about how she answers in 2002. She's collecting. "Then you'll go," he said. "Look at what happened! You can not let your fears become a reality."

On the other hand, Cheryl's dreams became a reality too. (Follow the winners, if you have not seen the final of Popstars: The Rivals) again. In 2014, she became the first British female to have five single singles in the UK before being a factor in the recording running from the top 10 consecutive 20 consecutive singles with Girls Aloud. Factors also show criticism and treatment of certification and Cheryl is one of Britain's most famous women, and has been for more than a decade.

Not only Cheryl has changed, however. The system that created it has also moved on. TV cocktail shows associated with cakes are no longer an event and a distinctive strip of beautiful celebrities has influenced influence. The charts of the charts are not as obsessed-over. Her two-year relationship with Liam Payne should have given her an insight into how pop works now: while Harry Styles is twice a pop star, Payne has style listeners on Spotify twice. The X Factor results show that the appearance does not automatically result in No 1. "I know that does not happen," said Cheryl on the subject of her new music, Love Made Me Do It, her first new music in four years.

With Girls Aloud.

With Girls Aloud. Photograph: Ian Bartlett

Instead, success has now defined as happiness, says Cheryl. Even if the song goes in No. 80? "If I'm going in 80, it's time for me to move on with my life," she accepts. "I'm not going to jump around hard working and spend time away from my son for that." It's a good way to describe the cost of a pop career opportunity: "Is the juice worth the crunch?"

Certainly the value of the crunch was definitely the Trust Trust Cheryl Trust Trust in Newcastle upon Tyne, which opened earlier this year and, after six months, helped 600 young people to find work . It does not seem to be a piece of imagining that in a world where Popstars: The Rivals never happen, Cheryl might have made use of a similar program.

"Absolutely," she notes. "Possibly. One of my friends is now a primary school teacher, another friend has moved away and had a family, but some had dropped drugs and unemployment. The area had a # 39 ; The highest unemployment rate in the UK two years ago. I do not know what the statistic is now: there are 600 people better, it's like. Now that's feeling like a success . "

Elsewhere, Cheryl is still in agreement with Léal Oréal, who was the news last year when the brand ended its contract with Munroe Bergdorf, after the actor model announced a white privilege criticizing a job . It was a bit rich, Bergdorf argued that Oréal Lane started off its diversity campaign while keeping Cheryl's services, accused of racially aggressive assault in 2003 (convicted of assault causing harm physical but actual clearance of any racial element). When I ask Cheryl for his thoughts on this, the room temperature appears to drop several degrees. All "not applicable", says Cheryl; he was 16 years ago; "news is not"; the subject is "boring".

"I do not understand why you'll even bring her up," he added. How would a girl band gaining X Factor respond if a member took part in a similar event in 2018? It would be kicked out, right? "Not really," Cheryl decides. Is she really surprised that people are still talking about it? "I do not think they're doing!" She's a reply. They do it, I say. "Not really," he said. And so on. I ask if she read the Lily Allen record, where Allen apologizes for mid-00 beef's pair. She has not, but had heard good things. "We're women, now. We're mothers. It sounds like she has been through many things we did not know about," he said. "Honestly, she's pretty interesting to me. She's soccer, and suddenly, and says what she thinks about whatever people are thinking of. Be a woman in the industry and do that and take some balls. I like that for it. No one wants a flower flower, are they? "

With the critics of X Factor, Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh in 2008.

With the X Factor, Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh critics in 2008. Photograph: Ken McKay

About the topic of social media, she believes that Twitter, Instagram etc. are "only noise", and she is happy with a decision to keep her son-one-year-old Bear away from it. His face has never appeared in the press. "I do not want to take childhood away from him and highlight him like that!" He said. "It's not my decision to do it. And there are trolls everywhere. For someone to do time to go on my page and write something suddenly, they have to have a pretty sad life. At the end of the day, I'll. I think it's just trolleys that are confusing fans. "

Cheryl is happier discussing less controversial subjects. The Girls Aloud Legacy defines "good pop songs, for a good time"; He said his best song was Call the Shots (the right) and the worst thing was The Kind Love. At one time, the latter was to be a single launch for the band's final album. "Nicola, and Kimberley went in to fight for the Pledge," said Cheryl. "As we left, someone told us: We'll do your way, but you're doing a career suicide." The single single-fastest Pledge 2008, also won the Brit and Ivor Novello nomination.

That story does not leave much to the imagination when Cheryl later says that his time in the five-piece whistle leaves him with "two friends of life". Yours sincerely, his phone goes away: it's text by Kimberley. I ask what it would take to get the Girls Aloud reunion to happen. "It will not happen," he said, and that's that.

Otherwise that's not that. Seriously: what would it take? "He would not take anything, just to happen. We have …"

"I have 10 million things and I would like to give it to the Prince's Trust Cheryl Trust Center in return for one Girls Aloud reunion," I'm bellow.

Cheryl looks a bit threatening to have found her over a charitable barrel. "Well, for 10 million pounds …" she smiled.

Yes yes. Now we have established that she is for her, all the rest is spending over the price. Five million? "Na" Seven million? "No." This does not go very well. "But 10 million? Do." Sos. "It's not going to happen."

With Liam Payne in 2016.

With Liam Payne in 2016. Photograph: David Fisher / Rex / Shutterstock

The thing is, I say, that any act of multi-platinum millions is among its fanbase. There are more than 80,000 millions of millions in this country of a population of 66 million in the UK. If 1.4 million people have bought Girls Aloud's successes, we suggest that there are 1,696 Girls Aloud fans that we often want. Encourage the pensioners, Cheryl himself and those who favored Sugababes, and there is still a good opportunity that we could get 10 million things together with Christmas. "Oh," he said, "You know I mean 10 million i everyone oh us, right? "

There is, at least, some sense of getting the gang back with each other when it comes to Love Made Me Do It. Cheryl worked on the song with Nicola Roberts, along with Aloud's songwriter Aloud, Miranda Cooper and producer Jon Shave. He's about Cheryl falling in love willy-nilly, and she says that Roberts presents some home realities during the writing sessions. "It's just a friend of 16 to go away with them," Cheryl smiles. "She would go: she's not fucked to stop thinking! You do not think about you until someone loves you and respect steals him. " Confused, Cheryl also denies that the song is an attempt to regain the narrative around her private life. "It's so interesting that you think that," he said, the Cheryl code for "U wot m8". She is only a pig in pigs, she says, in an explanation that also includes "Not to be read into that deep", "deep", and "deep" "(twice).

There's a little Love Made Me For It where Cheryl sings for Yellow Brick Road, which Cheryl says today is about finding a home home. You can not mistake the match, but it's also the way in The Wizard of Oz, leading Dorothy to find that the tutors' character of the story is something under the screen. There is good trouble for fame? "It's up to how you've tried it," it's just started. "If I was running around the world I felt isolated and fed, taken, crushed and tired, I would be able. That's why I am I like the fact that I can go to different countries and be anonymous. "

That is the end to the end, which I suggest, of not doing in the United States. She agrees. She talks about the famous jumping clothes she was wearing for her late discussion in the US X Factor urging an unexpected response. "Pray and purple," she's surprised. "I was not mentally thereafter. I had been in hospital in July with malaria. I had experienced my wedding breakdown, and by the time I arrived in America … On reflection, I should not I had been there. I was struggling inside. I felt the weight of the world was on my shoulders, and I can not say why. "Which year of a year I am useful offer it. "Which year year," she agrees. "The bottom line is now," said New Cheryl, who really sounds pretty similar to Young Cheryl, "is this: if I'm not happy with something, and I'm not comfortable, I'm not fucking to do. "

It's time for Cheryl to go. Her son has been ill, and she is also sick; the traffic back to Surrey is poor, and she must record a single new radio version without the word "fuck". I ask how Cheryl feels Jess Glynne has broken that record for a single single No. 1. Recovery of the throne must be important, right?

"Is it bad," he said, "if I say that, if I have another 1 number that's great, and if I'm not right?" It's strange to hear this type of pop star framing their ambition in this type of way. Exciting, too, in the light of what she said about a famous endless hamster wheel A-pop pop. The laissez-faire approach is compatible with Cheryl instead. So so, when we'll say goodbye and wish luck with the one, I also hope he never has another platinum record.

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