Friday , June 18 2021

Conservatives on the way to a decisive victory over Labor in Hartlepool in the by-elections | News

Boris Johnson is heading for a decisive victory over Labor in the by-elections in Hartlepool, according to a new poll that raises more questions about Sir Cyrus Starmer’s election strategy.

The first poll in the impregnable Labor stronghold, which elects a new MP every month from today, shows that the Conservatives have already opened a seven-point lead over the opposition and have won by almost half the vote.

This has rekindled tensions between Starmer and the big unions, one of whose leaders calls the Labor leader “inappropriate” for working-class voters in places like Hartlepool.

A Survey telephone survey commissioned by the Union of Communications Workers (CWU) puts Jill Mortimer, a Tory candidate, at 49 percent,

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