Friday , September 17 2021

Google Fi adds RCS Chat, the successor to SMS

After integration Rich Communications Services (RCS) in Android messaging almost two years ago talking Advantages of SMS-successor on last year's MWC, the company announced that he has added RCS to his mobile pseudo-network Google Fi.

In short, RCS has many features that we already use on iMessages, WhatsApp and other data-based messaging services. These include high resolution images and videos, indicators that show when the partner types text, group communication, read receipts and messaging over Wi-Fi / data.

RCS does not have a cross-type encryption similar to security services like iMessage or Signal, since The verge noted.

RCS comes

Instead of persistently releasing another messaging application, Google has quietly pushed RCS over the years to set a new standard. In April 2018, the company was reportedly scheduled to name its recently supported standard "Chat" and received dozens of telecommunication and telephone manufacturers support for his desire for greater acceptance.

If you do not rely on one program or service, Google needs to get it all players involved in Android phones have enjoyed the same rich abilities that users have been using for iPhone (and iPad) over the years, thanks to Apple's absolute control over devices using iOS.

Thus, RCS remains fragmented for the Android ecosystem, even with Google News today: if you use a phone designed for Google Fi, "RCS will be automatically turned on", according to a Google message. Verify this branched list to see if your phone / service provider is compatible.

As a secondary message, the company upgraded Google Fi service in 33 countries to faster coverage of 4G LTE (for phones designed for Fi, at least). This is mainly in Europe from the UK to Greece, and also include Israel, Kuwait, Kazakhstan and Hong Kong.

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