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Megan Meql News: Megan has given a new nickname after the last Royal | News


Despite the fact that Megan Mark is one of the most recognizable people in the world, he tried to preserve certain parts of his life private, especially when it comes to her son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. The 64-year-old newspaper The Daily Telegraph showed that one of Megan's security staff asked a media consultant not to make any photographs of Megan at Wimbledon, as the duchess was in the private "private life" event. TV host Carole Malone criticized the Duchess for announcing the action, citing her as the "Princess of Confidentiality."

Speaking about Sky News, Mrs Malone said: "The Princess" Confidentiality "was back in her, asking guards to stop the viewers at Wimbledon.

"She sat with 12 thousand people who looked at the match, handed over to millions of people.

And just in order to demonstrate its desire to preserve the weakness after preserving the secret details of Arch's baptism and the names of his godparents, Megan is reportedly in talks to write a monthly column in Vogue.

– My God, hypocrisy, arrogance, capricious control. Sorry, but Megan does not have the right to request special treatment. And people were tired of her and Harry with their fictional ideas.

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"Doing as two living sacrifices, and not the happiest living people. Fact: As a Duchess of Sussex, she can never be private.

"She is not celebrity, she is royal, and there are the duties and responsibilities that go with it."

Megan, however, was supported by one royal source who told The Daily Telegraph that it was unusual for members of the Royal Seventh to attend private events.

The source said, "This is not a rarity for personal protection that accompanies all members of the royal family to ask people not to be photographed so they can communicate with people and events, not with cell phones."

The Duchess will not be the first member of the Royal Family to co-operate with Vogue, since her daughter-in-law, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, starred on the cover of a century-long edition of the magazine in 2016.

The source told Mail Online: "Distribution in Vogue will not be a superficial photo session – on the contrary, she wants to use it as a platform to change the situation.

– She works with Vogue as an editor who talks about some fabulous stories about reasons that are close and expensive to her.

"Anna Wintour is also part of the talks and discusses the issue of performing some or all stories in the American Vogue."

It's clear that the Meghan Markle photography and the first feature is scheduled for September releases of British and American editions of Vogue.

The source told the express that the Duchess was offered a cover, but refused, so she would not dwell on the reasons she wanted to show.

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