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Pokemon Go Sinnoh Stone: How to get Sinnoh Stone, the new item Evolution Gen 4? | Hapchwarae Entertainment

What's shared online, Gen 4 Sinnoh Stone's new item is now available on Android and iOS.

I've been a Pokemon Go through a new update today, which also rebalanced a serious CP.

The new Sinnoh Stone is a special new item that allows Trainers to evolve Gen 1-3 Pokemon in their Gen 4 forms.

So far, coaches have confirmed that 12 Pokémon can be developed in their Gen 4 types at present.

This includes Rhydon evolving into Rhyperior, Magmar to Magmortar, Togetic to Togekiss, Murkrow to Honchkrow, Misdreavus to Mismagius, Gligar to Collect, Sneasel to Weavile, Porygon 2 into Porygon-Z, Roselia to Roserade and Dusclops i Dusknoir.

All of the above developments require players to have Sinnoh Stone and 100 Candy on hand to complete the process.


What's shared online, at the moment there is only one known way to get your hands on the Sinnoh stone.

According to those who have won one of the special evolution items, Pokemon Coaches have to win a 7-day Breakthrough Research.


To collect Field Research tasks, Coaches must start the Photo Disk in nearby PokéStops, which allows one Field Research task for each PokéStop per day.

Trainers receive notice at the bottom right corner of the screen when they collect or increase their tasks.

It should be noted that Pokemon players can collect and make progress on up to 3 Field Research tasks at a time.

And after you have completed a task and claiming its award, you'll release space to collect another task. Field research can also be deleted if they prove too difficult to complete.

Winning Stones unlock the Research Searches you need for the Sinnoh Stone.

You can earn up to one Stamp per day for each Field Research task you complete.

After you have won 7 stamps, you will be carrying out Research Campaigns and receive extra awards. – you do not accept stamps for Special Research –

Although this is the only known way to get Carreg Sinnoh at present, there may be others waiting to be found.

It's still very early in the process, so fans should keep their eyes open for news on the issue.

Some Trainers are disappointed for the availability of Sinnoh Stone, while others support slow burning.

"If they made it easier, everyone would have Evo and complained about them not to release more and more," one Trainer writes on Reddit.

"They want us to fill us over until they tell us what to do with the rest of the developments such as leafeons and gluels.

"If you want to complain about it, go ahead, you're fine. Although I'm sorry, I have not put you on a silver plate."

Another wave of Gen 4 Pokemon is expected to be released in the near future by Niantic, who could add more evolution to Garreg Sinnoh later.

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