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Prioritize nursing capacity -NANPAN – Punch Newspapers

The National Association of Nigerian Pediatric Nurses has urged the government to invest in capacity building for healthcare practitioners to boost the lack of pediatric nurses and reduce the prevalence of death rates.

Mrs Olubunmi Lawal, the National President of the association, called her in an interview with her Nigeria News Agency on a Saturday in Abuja taking into account the 2018 World Maturity Quality Day.

The day is celebrated annually on November 17, to raise awareness of premature births, pre-time babies and their families around the world.

The birth of non-premature antenatal babies is the birth of a baby under the age of 37 weeks of the campaign.

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According to the World Health Organization, around 15 million babies are born before each year, accounting for around one in 10 of all babies born worldwide.

He further identified Nigeria as number three among 10 best countries with a high rate of pre-life births of 773,600.

However, Lawal, who suffered from the workforce deficit in the pediatric nursing profession, stated that as a factor contributing to the death rate associated with births before now.

He stressed that babies born before now were needed special care to ensure that they survived and healthy.

He specifically noted that such care could only be given by skilled professionals, adding that there are a large number of skilled nurses and that training is needed to ensure the best possible care for babies from kind is effective

The president examined the burden of births before and associated deaths in the country as well as Nigeria's grade as the third largest country with a high rate of premature births. She described this as unacceptable.

According to her, the government needs to pay attention to the training of more professionals in pre-day care to ensure a significant reduction in death before the country in the country.

He said "we need more pediatric nurses, we need a lot of neatatologists, so in this regard capacity building is needed.

"By training, we will have enough healthcare practitioners, especially the nurses who have trained to look after these babies.

"Such efforts will also promote teamwork because one person can not do. One healthcare profession can not do so we call on multi-media collaboration.

"In Nigeria, we have very few pediatric nurses and if we have more skilled ways to provide high quality healthcare services to those with pre-time newborn babies, there will be a dramatic reduction in the rate death.

Lawal identified some pre-time births to include multiple posture or supplying, viral infections, high blood pressure, obesity, lifestyle choices such as alcohol consumption, indigenous anomalies, among others.


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