Friday , June 18 2021

The leaking MacBook Air M2 showcases a colorful new design

(Pocket-lint) – a leak-based visualization that gave us a first look at the next MacBook Air, a laptop that seems to be preparing for a color upgrade.

New images come from the concept artist Jan Zelbo, and formed on the basis of real images and information shared with them by industry prompter John Prosser. The result is our best look at the upcoming MacBook Air M2.

After redesigning the iMac in April, Prosser suggests that the MacBook Air is now best for the same lick of paint. A total of seven color options are reportedly available – blue, silver, green, yellow, orange, pink and purple – while Apple could also potentially reject the notebook’s wedge-shaped shape in favor of a flat style.

As the visuals show, the silver and black bezels that were once on the MacBook will also be reset, and the white edges around the screen will match the new keyboard (which also seems to have larger function keys).

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And although Prosser notes that the size of the display is currently unknown, previous reports have suggested 14-inch models The MacBook Pro M2 is likely to appear later this year.

Whether it remains 13-inch or Apple introduces a slightly larger model with its colorful redesign, it also has two USB-C ports – on either side of the device – and may be able to recharge MagSafe, although it’s still not confirmed by Prosser.

Again, because these visualizations are based on images and information from anonymous sources, it’s wise to take them with a pinch of salt – even if they follow the logic that Apple will bring the MacBook’s designs in line with the new iMac.

In fact, we won’t know for sure until Apple releases the updated models, with Prosser hinting that this new MacBook Air won’t be out until “the end of the year.”

Written by Conor Alison.

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