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An American politician insists on interviewing an interview with a female reporter


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Larrison Campbell (R) said she asked to lure the Republican candidate Robert Foster to an election trip

The Republican candidate for the Mississippi governor refused to interview the reporter if she did not bring her husband to her colleague.

40-year-old Larrison Campbell said she had asked Tennis Robert Foster for a 15-hour "long ride" on her campaign, but was rejected due to her sex.

Mr Foster said he was acting with caution, and he did not want to raise any suspicions about his marriage.

"This is my truck, and in my truck we follow our rules," he told CNN.

During the CNN interview with Ms. Campbell and Mr Foster on Thursday, the 36-year-old governor candidate cited his religion and faith, arguing that he had vowed that his wife should not be alone with anyone of the opposite sex.

He referred to the late Christian evangelist Billy Graham who said he would not spend time alone with any woman who was not his wife, and vice president Mike Penn, who said that he would not eat alone with another woman. wife.

"I do not trust the thought that the world puts on people when they see things, and they do not raise questions, they do not seek to find out the truth," he said.

"Perception is a reality in this world, and I do not want to give anyone an idea that I'm doing what I do not have to do."

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Mr. Foster said that after the #MeToo move, "men are constantly attacked."

"I'm not going to let myself go in a situation with any woman, where they can blame me," he said.

When asked if he would allow a 15-hour interview with a man, Mr Foster said he wanted, adding, "I'm standing still."

Ms. Campbell, who repeatedly interviewed Mr Foster, called this decision sexy.

She argued that if she expects that he will comply with her truck rules, he must give her husband a helper.

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Mike Pence in 2002 said that "never eats one with a woman other than Karen's wife"

Mr Foster said his campaign headquarters were too small to provide assistance.

"What you are saying is that the woman is a sexual subject first and the reporter is the second," Mrs. Campbell said to Mr. Foster on Thursday.

She asked Mr. Foster how he could tell voters that he would be a good governor if he could not be alone in a room with a woman referring to numerous employees at the office of the current governor.

Mr Foster said that he could achieve this by leaving the door open or with people in the next room, but that the 15-hour car ride was another situation.

The debate about Mr Foster and Mrs. Campbell again drew attention to the fact that it was inconvenient for men to be with women on their own.

Two years ago, Mr Pence made headlines after the comments he made in 2002 that he "never eats with a woman other than his wife and that he will not attend events where alcohol is without her side" with is outside

Some argue that practice is a matter of professionalism in the workplace, while critics consider it sexually and unfair for women in professional terms.

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