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Best Amazon Prime Day 2019 shipments today: Apple Watch and Fitbit models are already on sale



Apple Watch Series 3 is on sale.


Amazon Board Day works from July 15 – 16 – all day Monday and Tuesday. As always, Amazon's annual summer sales will be offering many deals – like retailers Walmart, Goal eBay also joins its own sales. But what if you can not wait until the day the prime minister starts? Fortunately, there are already many deals that have been left out of the extended July 4th promotion, or perhaps at the beginning selling to school. Therefore, when we are waiting for the Premier Day, we have already collected the best deals we have seen on top trackers and watches that we already love.

Now, to be clear: we will not know the Premier Day offers until they actually arrive, and they can surpass some or all of the prices listed here. And we expect new Apple Watch arrive already in September But here are the best deals.

Please note that CNET may receive a share of revenue from the sale of products placed on this page.

Fitbit Charge 3: $ 120 (Except $ 30)


Fitbit Charge 3 has almost everything except GPS.

Sarah Tue / CNET

The Charge Fitbit 3 came out a year ago and some users reported problems with Amazon client reviews. He is still the best general fitness tracker that is not a smartwatch and has more features than the last Fitbit Inspire HR. It does not have GPS, but has climbing the stairs and swimming. Or maybe you just want to wait him for the inevitable wave of other Fitbit products on sale for Prime Day.

Fitbit Versa: $ 169 (Except $ 31)

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A few additional features on the non-Lite Fitbit Versa model.

Josh Miller / CNET

Recently Released Version Fitbit Versa Lite is worth less, at $ 160, but a bit more full-featured original Fitbit Versa It is currently being sold for $ 9 upsell. Why that? Built-in music storage (annoying download), swimming tracking, training coaching at the clock, and stack statistics. Of course, you have to climb to get this (but Future Premier Day offers may offer even better sales, so you can wait).

Ion Fitbit: $ 200 (Except $ 50)

30-fitbit-ionic-new-watchfaces "data-original =" fitbit-ionic-new-watchfaces.jpg

Ionic has many face clocks to choose from, and has GPS.

Sarah Tue / CNET

Fitbit's only GPS-enabled fitness clock gets a little long in the tooth, however Ionic fitbit this is Fitbit's most fully featured watch. It has GPS, music store, payments and receives the same programs and browses the face Fitbit Versa – And now it costs as much as the original Versa. This offer is also available on the Fitbit website.

Apple Watch Series 3, 38mm: $ 199 (excluding $ 80)

Apple Watch Series 3 "data-original =" -3-24.jpg

42-mm series Apple Watch 3.

Sarah Tue / CNET

It's technically a year-half-old, but $ 80 is not bad at all, but Apple does not offer any discounts on the S3 in its own store … and Series 3 still good She just does not have the latest electrocardiogram Apple Watch S4.

Apple Watch S3, 42mm: $ 229 (Except $ 80)

The same savings of $ 80 apply to larger sizes. A closer to $ 200 price is much more reasonable.

Originally posted earlier. Updated to confirm that sales are ongoing.

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