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Google admits that "language experts" are listening to "some" helpers – RT World News


Google's smart speakers record users when they least expect it, according to the temporary employee language experts employed by the company to listen to fragments that include some of the most private moments of the user.

Google may claim that it does not listen to records that are constantly generating Google Home devices simply because they exclude temporary work. These "language experts, "As they say, use the common system built by the company to exchange and analyze audio fragments, helping Google's AI assistant decode the nuances of human speech.

Although Google emphasizes that it will anonymize fragments, replacing its user serial number, the Belgian VRT found that matching the voice fragment with its owner is not very complicated, given the sufficient number of addresses and confidential information found on the records given. They listened to over 1,000 tracks provided by the Dutch contractor and found that more than 15 percent of them – 153 entries in all – were recorded without the user's knowledge.

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In onerandom"Recording a woman was in"certain difficulties, – said the pace. Other fragments included talking about sex and pillows, fights and professional phone calls that contained private information. Although employees are instructed to consider account numbers and passwords as "sensitive"They left their own devices everywhere, which leads to possible mistakes in the lawsuit … as media outlets, according to Google, have condemned a contractor who appealed to the VRT, while severely defending its own practices.

Insisting that Google has safeguards to prevent "mistakenly accepts– Entries initiated without user's knowledge – Google Search Project Manager David Monsees wrote on a blog Thursday that the use of "language experts"IS"You need to create products such as Google AssistantAnd argued that the experts only scanned 0.2% of the audio fragments recorded by the device. Monses warned the leaker that "Security and privacy teams have been activated on this issue, investigating and … taking measures. "

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When Bloomberg reported that Alexander uses thousands of people to rewrite and annotate records, many of which are made without the user's knowledge, Google is accustomed to having his head assistant anonymized and distorting audio fragments. However, the records listened to by VRT were not distorted at all. Fragments of the Google homepage were "clear, "And Google Assistant, a mobile phone version, created"quality of the phoneAudio

Google home owners who expect the company to respect their confidentiality, it is advisable to consult the company's history, whose founders made their disgust to the concept of confidentiality clear: an attempt to create an AI "ethical advice"It lasted less than a week before the rollover, and a study published this week showed that more than 1,000 applications from Google's Android operating system collect data even when users refuse to do so. Earlier this year, users of the Nest Secure home security system found that the device had a hidden microphone when the downloaded upgrade activated this feature.

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