Monday , January 18 2021

How to type great deals on Samsung androids and update iPhone today

This year I managed to avoid everything that was “Black Friday” or “cyber Monday”, except for a little fuss over a coffee machine with cold tea. If you want to improve your life to a greater extent – in the form of a new phone – you should know that you can buy the flagship Samsung Galaxy S20 Android (S20 and S20 +) at the lowest prices ever available. And not to overdo it, Apple fans can also earn quite a lot of savings on refurbished iPhones.

We will start with Samsung. Go to Amazon, where you will find the Galaxy S20 for only $750. The larger Galaxy S20 + can be purchased for $900. A quick look at the Amazon price tracking site camelcamelcamel confirms that these are indeed the lowest prices Amazon has ever offered on Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 +. These prices apply to the base models of both phones (128 GB), and for the S20 you can choose the colors Cloud Blue and Space Gray; or Cloud Blue, Space Gray, or Space Black for S20 +.

We looked at the features of both phones some time ago. I would say that any of them is a good choice if you want a product with a top shelf (if it is prone to a bit of software bloating), which is still large enough – and provided that you do not need a stylus for anything . Both phones also support 5G for what is worth in your area.

As for those iPhone, head to Here to view the full list. You’ll find refurbished iPhones ranging from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone XR and XS. In other words, iPhones between the ages of 2 and 4 with potential cosmetic damage are a fact that shouldn’t really matter once you slap it with a protective cover. If you can, shoot at iPhone XS or iPhone XRbecause they will be a little more reliable in the future than the old iPhone 7 (although $ 150 for an iPhone is not bad at all).

Yes, yes, Woote’s offerings are superior to Apple’s own offerings repaired lists. For example, you can buy an updated iPhone XS directly from Apple for $ 640. The same configuration for a one-day Woot sale is only $ 430. Not bad, but there are caveats; It seems that Woot phones do not give any guarantees about the condition of the battery, except that they will have at least 85% charge. Like someone who has dealt with the decomposable battery of the iPhone X – and as a result productivity problems“I wouldn’t be happy to get anything but that.” brand new battery in my newly purchased iPhone.

TPartly why refurbished Apple iPhones are more expensive – they come one year warranty (just like any new one iPhone) and brand new battery. Enabled Woot, you get a 90-day limited warranty and a battery that has been tested, but can be in less than the peak state. The positive is that you can always try the iPhone and, if you hate it return it within 30 days.

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