Saturday , October 16 2021

Make-up artist Kim Kardashian reacted to the meeting with the gala glamor

“Oh, she was still OPEN! I love that attention to detail, the whole look was GREAT!” someone else answered.

Another user said what we all thought: “How you sealed [sic] makeup, so the mask will not cancel all your work? “

After the reactions, Mario shared several memes about the test. One message cheerfully read, “If you feel unnecessary today, remember that someone had to do Kim makeup for the Met Gala.”

“It’s makeup for me, LOL,” the make-up artist laughed in his signature.

Despite the fact that Kim does not comment on her glam, she spoke about her appearance at the Met Gala and its attitude to the theme “In America: the lexicon of fashion.”

She wrote, “What’s more American than a T-shirt upside down ?!”

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