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"Sendman" TV series with Neil Hayman, David Goyer in Go on Netflix


Drama from TV Warner Bros. landed on a streamer with sources that describe both the tremendous financial commitment and the most expensive TV surveillance of DC Entertainment.

Favorite comedian Nidila Gayman Sandman finally comes to the screen.

More than three years after the failed attempt by New Line to turn a graphic novel into a feature film, Netflix has signed what sources describe as a huge financial deal with Warner Bros. Television to adapt bestseller to television series. Sources familiar with the deal, note that this is the most expensive TV series ever made by DC Entertainment.

Allan Heinberg (Amazing woman ABC Catch Anatomy of Gray) intends to write and act as a drama writer. Hayman, who created the monthly monthly comic, will perform products with David Guyer. Guyman and Goear were joined to the latest attempts to adapt the New Line Sandman for a big screen.

Netflix and Warners declined to comment because the official deal was not yet closed. The calculation of episodes was not immediately available.

Get Netflix is ​​the first Sandman Television series after numerous efforts to adapt the horror, fantasy and mythology of Guyman about Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams and Infinite, a strong group of brothers and sisters, including Fate, Death, Destruction, Despair, Desire and Bliss (as well as Mriya).

Attempts to return Sandman The movie franchise began in the 1990s with the Warner Bros. – parent company Vertigo, a former imprint of DC Comics. The film went through numerous incarnations and writers in the 1990's and early 2000's and, in the end, worked on the development of purgatory. Gaiman (whose work has been adapted for television with Starz's American gods Amazon & # 39; s Good signs) announced at the end of 2013 that he was in contact with Joseph Gordon-Levitte in a movie that he founded at Warner Bros. Gordon-Levitte wanted to play and send before moving on to the film after a creative discrepancy with the studio in March 2016. Eric Hassierer, the last scriptwriter, is joining New Line & # 39; s SandmanIn November 2016, he said that he no longer joined the film.

"I … came to the conclusion that the best version of this property exists as a series of HBO or a limited series, not as an artistic film, not even as a trilogy," Heisserer said in iO9 in November 2016. So, I turned back and said that there was a job I did. This is not where it should be.

Sources claim that Warners, who controls the IP, took Sandman A television move to several retail outlets, including the corporate brother of HBO. The premium cable network did not make the game for the series, given the massive price (and probably the number of other major world exhibitions in the work), and Netflix dispersed it, as the streamer continues to actively play for massive IPs that could turn into franchise-friendly subscribers a la amazon the Lord of the Rings and HBO Game of Thrones.

Since the farewell to Marvel, Netflix has aggressively pursued major IP-like names. Magic: Collection, The Chronicles of Narnia and works by Roald Dahl – as streamer for the court of new subscribers with exclusive new hobbies on their favorite franchises.

The Sandman The agreement will ensure the financial unpredictability of Warners, which is in the final talks on a new film and television pact with J.J. Abrams, who could cost north of 500 million dollars. Sources note that the studio decided to sell it to a third party, trying to bring additional profits to the company, rather than placing it on its closest streaming video service. The studio will have the next look at the re-signing of the prolific comedian producer Chuck Lorre The theory of a large explosion the current co-creator agreement ends in 2020.

Heinberg screaming Hansen Jacobson; Goyer, whose TV loans include Syfy Krypton and NBC Constantine (both based on DC characters), with WME and Bloom Hergott; Gaiman is from the CAA.


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