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Sources – OKC sells Russ to Rockets for Paul


Oklahoma City Grand agreed to the blockbuster of trading to send Russell Westbrook to X'Western Rockets to connect him with James Harden, the source's league told ESPN.

The missiles will be sent by Guardian Chris Paul, two protected by the first round of elections (2024 and 2026, both protected Nos. 1-4) and two pick up swaps (2021 and 2025) to Thunder, the source of the league said ESPN.

The missiles are again united by two former MVP guards who started their car along with Thunder. It was an agreement with which Harden and Westbrook were enthusiastic.

The general thunder manager Sam Presti has worked with Westbrook and his agent, Thad Foucher, to help honor the hopes of the Star Guard to play rockets, said source sources. Thunders also discussed a possible deal from Miami Heat, sources said.

Year of the first round
2020: 2 (own; DEN)
2021: 2 (own; MIA; can change w / HOU)
2022: 2 (own; LAC)
2023: 2 (own; MIA; can exchange w / LAC)
2024: 3 (own; LAC; HOU)
2025: 1 (own, can switch from LAC / HOU)
2026: 3 (own; LAC; HOU)
– Some elections can not pass
through protection

By trading, Rockets believes that the difference between Paul (34) and Westbrook (30) gives them more chances to expand the Harden Championship (30 next month).

"We are glad that we have Russell Westbrook," said the owner of the "Rocket" Tillman Ferritt (Filth 26) in X & Juston. "I would see how he plays for Oklahoma City and he is so athletic, at the same time, this franchise was two years old with the greatest number of victories that had ever been in the following years and we would not have achieved this without Chris Paul Unbelievably, and he will be sorry to miss.

Oklahoma City has accumulated eight first-round elections, starting with the June NBA draft, creating a long game that has not been seen in the history of the NBA. With the possibility that Oklahoma City can retain its own choice in 2020 (top 20 is protected to Philadelphia) and 2022 (protected by the Atlanta lottery), Thunder may have the first 15 rounds of choice and rights exchange in four different seasons between 2020 and 2026.

Thunder can continue to work to find a new team for 34-year-old Paul. At Paul, for three years, $ 124 million remained at the contract – a year less than Westbrook in the books of Thunder. If Thunder saves Paul, they will have a representative composition, which now includes him, the center Stephen Adams and forward Danilo Gallinari.

If Oklahoma City would like to stimulate trade for Paul, Thunder may use part of its massive pool to facilitate the deal. Paul has some positive stories from Oklahoma City, playing with Hornets since 2005-06, when Hurricane Katrina forced the franchise to temporarily move.

Presty spoke with Paul's agent, Leone Rose, about the future of the Oklahoma City Guard, reports ESPN sources. Last year, they worked together in a similar situation with Carmelo Anthony.

Caesars Sportsbook moved Rockets from 10-1 to 7-1 to win the NBA 2019-20 title, behind Los Angeles Lakers (7-2), LA Clippers (4-1) and Milwaukee Bucks (9-2).

"I said that at the end of the year we will never cry," Fertitta said. "We will always try to improve. I think it makes us the best team. I do not want to lose Chris Paul, but we felt that we were doing what we needed to do to become the best team.

"I think it will be very fun and fun. James and Russell wanted to play together. It should be fun this year."

Westbrook and Harden will be the fourth pair of teammates who will play together after winning the MVP award for the previous three seasons for the Elias Sports Bureau.

At Westbrook, four years and $ 171 million remaining on the contract, and in the last year of his deal, it was found that he would have to pay him $ 47 million.

After trading with Paul George with Clippers, Westbrook and Fusche worked with Thunder to find a nice way forward in the future of the Westbrook franchise. With the actual conclusion of a free agency and a list of the best places in Westbrook, trade negotiations were complicated by extremely short periods of time.

Nevertheless, Thunder wanted to maximally satisfy Westbrook's wishes, with the first and most important desire to connect with Harden in X'-Yountos, as well as to find a trade that meets the purpose of the OKS Recovery.

Occupied fourth in Thunder (then Seattle SuperSonics) in 2008, Westbrook retains the leading position in spectacles (18,859) and the second in assistents (6897), third in heels (5760) and steals (1,442) and fourth. in games (821). In the Oklahoma City era, Westbrook ranks first in the world.

Westbrook won the MVP in 2016-17, making the history of the NBA the first player after Oscar Robertson in 1962 on average triple double. He broke Robertson's mark of three-time pairs in the season with 42, and then continued the middle three in two seasons. Westbrock ranks second with Magic Johnson on 138 cards in three, behind Robertson only (181).

Westbrook is one of the 10 players in the NBA history to capture 15,000 points, 5,000 rebounds and 5,000 transfers with one franchise, seven of which are in the Hall of Fame. The other two are Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

Since Westbrook has been compiled by OCS, only Spurs (613) and Rockets (541) have more victories than Thunder (538). Westbrook was part of the historic run of the Greens election as the only team in the history of the NBA to select three consecutive future MVPs (Kevin Durant, Westbrook and Harden). With the Westbrook debut, Thunder is the only team with three different players who complete the triple MVP vote (Durant, Westbrook and George). OKC has 16 All-NBA elections since 2009, most of all in the NBA in this range.

Thunder made playoffs in each of the three seasons of Westbrook and Harden together, switching from 8 seeds in 2009-10 to No. 4 in 2010-11 to No. 2 in 2011-12. They reached the final of the NBA in their last season, losing in the matches of Miami earlier Oklahoma City traded Harden in X & N in October this year.

Westbrook will be permanently connected to Thunder as a franchise person, asserting his loyalty to the organization after the departure of Durant to the Golden Warriors in 2016. , and then signed a one-year extension in 2017, at that time the largest contract in the history of the NBA.

This report uses information from Ramona Shelburne from ESPN.

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