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Tennis is hiding at Google now; Here's how to find it – TechCrunch


Google love a beautiful Easter egg. With the cutesie Douglas Adams link to the search results for "askew" to be just a I'm sorry somewhat curious, the search engine hides all kinds of things if you know what to type correctly or you need buttons to click.

The latest addition is the fun little tennis game hidden on certain search results pages – in honor of the tennis tournament in Wimbledon. With Wimbledon's completion this weekend, however, this egg can not be long.

It is not that difficult to find, but it is sufficiently hidden, so most people probably have not accidentally stumbled upon it.

Here's how to find it:

tennis 1

  • Do you see this purple box, which is? See the Navigator panel, which says "Male singles", "Female singles," etc.? Take it and drag it to the left to scroll to the end.

tennis 2

  • At the very end – a small tennis badge. Click it and the game should shoot straight.

tennis 3b

After you do this, there are plenty of places where rowing is enough. Move to serve, then try to get the player in front of the crowd to rally it back and forth. I'm not sure if you can actually get the money past COMPUTER COMPUTER – I have not seen this. But only by successfully returning your money will you get an item. Once you miss the return, the game is over.

It will work on mobile devices and on the desktop, but I found it easier to play on it.

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