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An engineer does not meet all the rules and is trying to throw a bit of a NASA computer that went to the moon


The Getting Bitcoin This has sparked the creativity of many people for many years. One of the most up-to-date creative efforts associated with the configuration of the old compass, the NASA Apollo Travel Guide published by CryptoNews

Miami Daily Newspaper

Ken Shirriff programmer engineer, was recognized routdated archaic computer systemsThe latest Shirriff project was to rebuild the 52-year-old computer Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) that was used aboard the Apollo Command (AC) modules and Apollo Lunar (AL) during the Apollo program.

Sharriff noted, through his blog, that after the revival of the AGC and its exploitation (the only one that is now working, he said), has decided to give a more up-to-date task to this NASA computer: mining bitcoin,

In this sense, he said he is implementing Bitcoin's algorithm 15-bit compilation code from the sixties it took a little effort.

AGC does not actually have a microprocessor, since it was built many years before development.

Through video from YouTube, Shirriff showed Bitcoin, which runs on the Apollo computer computer, the results are displayed on the home DSKY (screen / keyboard). "Computer Apollo takes 5.15 seconds to receive the hash SHA-256"Which generates a computing speed of 10.3 seconds per bit Bitcoin, according to Shirriff.

This computer expert noted that this is not his first attempt, which he calls absurd mining bitcoin.

He also registered Your efforts to manually mine Bitcoinusing pencil and paper that led to a calculation speed of 0.67 hash per day,

He said he used IBM's central computer card, with which he had 80 seconds of hash calculation) and Xerox Alto in 1973, giving him 1.5 hassles per second.

"My efforts are invaluable in terms of preserving old software, archiving computer history, and reminding modern engineers that current computing power should not be taken for granted," Shirriff said.

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