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Breast radiosurgery prolongs the lives of patients with terminal lung cancer


Patients with metastatic lung cancer in Mexico have a new hope of survival due to thoracic radiosurgery

Patients who live with cancer with lungs metastatic Mexico has a new hope of survival thanks to thoracic radiosurgery, a procedure that changes the prognosis of life from eight months to at least 20 months, experts said Thursday.

Monika Blake, researcher Medical Center ABCsaid that it is an effective and controlled way to alleviate the remaining injuries cancer with lungs, one of the most deadly crayfish in the world, except that it does not damage the healthy part of the body.

The specialist explained that this treatment consists of a linear accelerator, which is formed by a robotic table, an integrated tomography, plates X-ray and 3D images which allows the surgeon to directly get into cancer cells to destroy their radiation.

"What he does is emit high radiation doses aimed at malignant cells, and that we could see that the lung function was not changed, that is, it does not damage the healthy parts lungsHe explained.

He explained that this was done after a research protocol that lasted two years and included 30 patients from Russia National Cancer Institute (Inkan) with cancer with lungs oligometastatics

"The control of the disease was 91.5% and in this period, only four died, as a result of the disease, while the survival of the rest was 20 months, "he said.

In this sense, Dr. Oscar Arrieta, an oncologist and researcher INCanHe emphasized that this is a hope, because for eight months, now it is from 20 to 30 months.

Even some patients treated with therapy White, focused specifically on cancer cells, has come to live for at least ninety years.

Among the advantages is that after treatment, which lasts from 30 to 40 minutes and consists of 3 to 5 sessions, there is no reduction of lungs it is important that the patient does not require oxygen after therapy.

In addition, patients do not suffer from pneumonitis and all that is needed is a pulmonary rehabilitation to improve lung function.

He explained that this type of research is important, since in the last decade this type cancer increased its frequency by 30% in the world

In addition, 500,000 new cases are exhibited every year, and this condition is the cause of just over 1.7 million deaths per year in the world.

IN Mexico, is the first cause of death cancer and, with the most commonly occurring tumors, is the only one that is not covered Popular Insurance– state policy providing financial protection of the population without social security.

He said that the patients cancer with lungs70 percent metastatic diseasethat is, the tumor has spread to other organs, and this limits the possibilities of life.

This therapy, however, is not available to all patients, since in this first phase, only 30 patients were within protocol, and this year another 30 can enter it.

– It is not treatment cheap According to our estimates, on average, the patient undergoing this therapy needs an investment of about 20,958 dollars, however, the results affect not only their time but also their quality of life, "said teacher Alejandro Alfonso Director General of the ABC Medical Center .

That is why Russia's power is on this day INCan they signed an agreement to conduct research on the hospital and continue to provide assistance to the patients.

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