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Caracas-Magallanes two days after the game


The first of the six clashes between both of this year will take place on November 7 at UCV

KEMBERLIN CORREA | CARACAS.- Caraquistas and magallaneros can now plan their visits to the stadium for the 2019-2020 season. LVenezuelan professional baseball which begins next November 5th. The first of six planned matches between eternal rivals will be two days after the lifting of the curtain of the campaign in honor of Victor Davalillo.

The University stadium in Caracas will serve as the stage of the initial match between the two teams on Thursday, November 7, in the month when at least four fights will be fought, the source of the Leader reports.

Valencia will receive a confrontation only in a week. The 14/11 lions visited philisters in the mythical Jose Berrard Perez of Valencia, where the previous campaign won three of the games, half its total amount, to win six wins of the series with only three electrics.

Thus, the last week of the first month of the competition, up to 42 games, will give way to two meetings between the capitalists and Valencia.

The third match between Turks and Cats will take place on Tuesday 26/11 in the arenas for the Battle Chaguaramos, and on the same fourth September they will re-evaluate themselves.

The rotation at the headquarters of troops led by Mike Rochas (Leones) and Jose Alguacil (Magallanes) will continue in the final commitments of the calendar. On Sunday 1/12, the last match will take place in the capital, and in the next few days Santamaria will be lowered in the capital of Carabobo.

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