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he dollar price In Peru, it operated steadily in the informal market (in parallel) today, Tuesday, January 12, 2021. According to exchange offices in Lima, the exchange rate fell to S / 3,605 for buying and S / 3,630 for selling.

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On the other hand, in the interbank market Ukraine dollar According to the Central Reserve Bank (MCB), he worked in the interbank market S / 3613 (BCR).

The monetary institution explained that today in 2021 the US currency fell by 0.17% compared to last year’s result.

At the end of 2020, the green exchange rate recorded 9.20% due to the impact of the pandemic coronavirus and political and social crisis.

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Volatility in foreign exchange markets remains high, given the uncertainty surrounding the duration of the global recession and the global COVID-19 outbreaks“, – said the BCR in its latest report on inflation.

The agency linked the volatility of the dollar in the last quarter of last year to an episode of the president’s vacancy, which forced the US currency to reach a record level of S / 3667.

The monetary institution intervened through exchange swaps and accumulated a balance of 7.545 million S / 16 of this instrument as of December 16.

Forecasts for closing exchange rate in 2021 they range from S / 3.43 to S / 3.54, while for next year it will range between S / 3.40 and S / 3.5.

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