Tuesday , June 15 2021

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is coming out on Xbox One and will be part of the Game Pass

Although many simplify it by describing it as “Minecraft in the World Dragon Quest“The truth is that it’s great Dragon Quest Builders 2 It’s much more than that. This name was developed by Omega Force and released in 2019, was a critical success and even won an award for excellence at the Japan Game Awards in the year of release.

Until now, only PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch users could enjoy this game. This will change on May 4, 2021, the date of which Dragon Quest Builders 2 goes to Xbox One through the Game Pass subscription service. It can also be purchased on its own for $ 189,900 Colombian pesos.

Something particularly interesting in this name is that it occurs in the same continuity as Dragon Quest II, which was first released for the NES in 1987 and has versions for many other platforms. Relax, you don’t have to play it to enjoy Builders 2.

Here we control the hero or heroine who has to rebuild the world, using the materials she finds during her adventure, forming new buildings and tools. It has an online game mode that allows us to visit the worlds of other players and participate in a multiplayer game with three other people.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 It can also be played on Xbox Series X | S thanks to the magic of backward compatibility.

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