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Extended front government scheme and rules for the transfer

November 18, 2018 01:15 AM

A Larger Venezuela Free Front was held between regional concerts on Friday and Saturday where proposals that would intensify the battle to reinforce the change of government and crisis resolution in the country would be discussed.

The collections of these meetings, which include non-governmental organizations, civil society, unions, unions and political parties, will be presented on the 23rd November at the Venezuela Free Congress to take place in Caracas.

Proposals include: "Organizing the Broadway of the communities, encouragement and accompaniment of protests and social protests, and creating protest conditions and political politics that allow for strong democratic power to achieve the departure of dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro ", detailing deputy Jorge Millán.

Next member Nicmer Evans told the VPI online channel his expectation for the results of these meetings: "What are the elements that will allow us, after leaving the dictatorship , to stabilize us economically and politically ".

Secretary of the National Assembly, Negal Morales argued that these arguments are a message to citizens: "In Venezuela there is a future, ie you can create a possible country and we must build it with each other".

Senator Carlos Valero informed participants in the Free Tachira Congress agreeing the need to have a single spokesman and international opposition diplomacy to avoid spreading before the countries that address the situation Venezuela.

Millán said that the congresses had been "successfully, with a lot of participation and discussion", which has allowed strengthening the democratic unity and agreeing the "government plan to get out of the crisis, and rules a transition to take the country towards the democratic exit "

He emphasized that they support the international community put pressure on the government, by sanctions against "corrupt officials who enrich themselves at the expense of poverty, hunger and Venezuelans lives."

However, he mentioned the need to incorporate citizens to democratic departure. "Only the people who have been urged that ask for the departure of the dictatorship that create political change," he said.

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