Tuesday , January 19 2021

Gabi Spanich posted a photo on social media and drew criticism for her appearance

Gabi Spanik

Recently, Venezuelan actress Gabi Spanich posted a photo on her Instagram account, in which – according to her followers – she looks unrecognizable and for which, in addition, received criticism for exaggeration with filters.

In the image she posted, the actress’s face does not look as usual: she has a sharper nose, zero wrinkles or spots and huge eyes.

“I’m back, the real Paola Bracho. Prepare yourself loved ones. Their jaws will drop when they see that I am coming, I already have an accomplice. To destroy my twin sister, “he wrote, accompanied by his publication.

Gabi Spanik

Although for some followers she looked beautiful, others noted that her appearance was fake and nothing more than a product of technology for capturing images using applications.

“Another filter and water purification”, “Beautiful, beautiful, do not use so many filters”, “You do not need so many filters, beautiful woman”, “The most orderly photo”, – said in some comments of the publication.

It is still unknown whether the image really had filters, as in a previous publication Shpanik announced that he was in the company of a second makeup artist. The Venezuelan did not respond to comments she received on Instagram.

After five years without work on television, Gabi Spanich announced her return to the small screen as a guest on the show Dancing with the stars, The Hungarian version. For the actress, her appearance on television in this country is a sign that the audience wants to continue watching her.

“I like it. Indeed, when they wanted to attack Gabriela, against her achievements, because this is the seed I sowed and I reap it. Unfortunately, there are people who want to throw away my achievements, my successes abroad and that, that they want and love me and that we can’t hide. I have more than half my life working, this year I have 33 years of career, and this is a blessing from God for me, “he said in an interview with the magazine. People in Spanish so.

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