Wednesday , January 20 2021

How to motivate a medical student?

Motivation for six years that medical career this is important for the student. How to get it? This is the main question that medical teachers ask themselves, who spend much of the course trying to answer this question.

Research conducted Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) and published on the “reprints” platform medRxiv is trying to find the most effective solution to motivate medical students. According to her, the value of investigative work during a career is of key importance. That is, There is a relationship between optional research and future research intentions.

The methodology of this analysis included an online questionnaire developed by medical students last year. With their answers, a research factor analysis and multiple regression analysis were performed.

The results were impressive: students who had a positive research experience or no previous experience seriously considered continuing their research task after graduation. He had this fact 11.5 times more often than those students who were imposed research work.

The intention of the study (outcome indicator) was assessed using a 3-point scale. Motivational beliefs were assessed using a 10-point scale adapted to a validated scale based on the theory of expectations-value-value. The participation rate in the study was 28 percent

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