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Lilly Estefan refuses to answer calls to Raoul de Molina


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  • Lilly Estefan refused to answer Raoul de Molina's phone
  • The driver's refusal occurred during the rebound of the wedding Chiki
  • Internet users responded to what happened

After controversy at the wedding of Chickie Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez, Raul de Molina said that Lilly Estefan, his program partner, refused to answer phone calls.

Although Lilly Estefan was on vacation with his family in the Bahamas to celebrate July 4, the program "El Gordo and La Flaca" was plunged into polemics and scandals through the controversial wedding of Chico Rivera.

Just when Lily Esthefan published pictures of the beach and posed in bikini, the set of shows was a "nursery", since the wedding Chick left anger on the part of seven Rivera with Raoul de Molina, because "El Gordo" He soaked the address of the church, where daughter Jenny Rivers would be married. This led to Juan Rivera attacking Raoul and filtered his phone number as a vengeance.

In addition, Rose River was vetoed from the program after declaring that he did not want to be mentioned again.

Returning to the show, Lilly Estefan received this "cold water bucket", and all these bad news were added to Raoul de Molina's commentary, where he said that La Flaca did not want to answer the phone in those dark moments. ,

In the very beginning of the show, accompanied by Raul de Molina, Lily Estefan, dressed in a tight white dress, had to face all the events that had taken place in recent days, and who put "El Gordo and La Flaca" into the eyes of a hurricane.


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