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LVBP has not received any MLB ban


A good part of imports will come from independent leagues

JOSÉ LUIS LÓPEZ | CARACAS.- The ban on organized baseball has not reached the bosom of the Venezuelan professional baseball league.
The only thing that remains to come is the warning that the United States began in January against Venezuela when the governments of both countries broke diplomatic relations.

It is accepted for US governments to issue warnings to their citizens in which they recommend not to go to countries with which they have no relations.
In addition to the warning, there were no actions that affect the normal development of LVBP.

Despite the current warning, the body believes that a large number of players coming from this country will take part in the 2019-20 Championship, which will begin next November 5th.

The league expects a good contingent of players from independent leagues and pool players who are not able to play tournaments in their countries, as happened at the last tournament.

The league estimates that many Creole players with a higher league status, as well as locals and foreigners protected in lists of 40, will decide not to play in the next championship, as the relevant organizations will encourage them to refrain from doing so.

Be careful to give an advantage

LVBP believes that, despite the reduction of the game schedule, the fight for the classification will be more intense. Teams can not afford to lose in a row, because there will be no time to restore the rhythm. Clubs will be forced to win from the beginning and are expected to be very enjoyable for fans. Therefore, nobody can give an advantage if they want to play in the post-season.

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