Friday , July 30 2021

Picasso stolen in Rotterdam six years ago possibly found in Romania

Bucharest prosecutor, "Head of Harlequin," said Picasso's work, which was brought together with six other paintings six years ago from a museum in the Netherlands during a spectacular theft.

Picasso, Monet, Gauguin and Lucien Freud had seven masterpieces taken from the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam in 2012, in a robbery that lasted only three minutes and described the Dutch media as "theft of the century".

Prosecutor Augustin Lazar confirmed to the AFP that Roman authorities possessed a painting that could "be" one of those stolen at the Kunsthal Museum, adding that it should be examined & # 39 ; n more thoroughly.

Experts now check if the canvas is "Head of Harlequin" from Picasso, said a source to AFP.

A Dutch Foreign Ministry spokesman said the authenticity of the painting should now be "established".

Four Romans were imprisoned for theft in 2014, and were asked to pay 18 million euros (20.5 million dollars at the current exchange rate) to canvass insurers.

One member of the group, Olga Dogaru, researchers assured that she had burned the paintings on her stove in the town of Carcaliu, in eastern Romania, in an attempt to protect her son, Radu, when she could not sell it. He later withdrew the statement.

Researchers have already said that the paintings had been destroyed after the thieves found a buyer.

The paintings were paid to the museum for an exhibition in its Twentieth-Century framework sponsored by the Triton Foundation, created to look after the art collection accrued by Willem Cordia, the Dutch investor, who died in 2011 .

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