Thursday , August 6 2020
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President Donald Trump: "I'm not a fan of Bitcoin and other cybercriminals" | CryptoNews


US President Donald Trump attacked Bitcoin and Libra on Thursday, a Facebook crypt through his Twitter account. For him, the first one is volatile, and its cost is based on the air, while he says that on the other, Facebook and other companies that support the project are eager to become a bank. The North American leader has confirmed that if it is his goal, they will have to comply with all the relevant rules.

The president of the United States was extremely critical of Bitcoin and other cybercriminals, arguing that he "facilitates" illegal activities such as drug trafficking. It should be said that This is the first time that Trump relates to Bitcoin and its ecosystem,

I'm not a fan of Bitcoin and other cybercriminals who are not money and whose value is very variable and based on the air. Unregulated cryptanal agents may facilitate illegal behavior, including illicit drug trafficking and other unlawful activities.

Donald Trump, US President.

Some members of the community Bitcoin replied Trump. Apart from the fact that this position only demonstrates the absence of Trump in this matter, they also pointed out that he shamelessly ignores the fact that Monetary funds are the most widely used means of paying for the purchase and sale of drugs, due to it anonymity and unevenness in front of a public and decentralized registry that contains Bitcoin BlockCheck.

In addition to criticizing Bitcoin, the American leader also referred to the Libra. He said the tool raised by Facebook would have "little position or reliability." In this case, Trump said that if Facebook and Libra Association companies are eager to become a bank, you need to stick to the situation.and even work on creating a new banking charter.

As he explained, in the USA there is only one real currency. UU is a dollar, ensuring that it is the most reliable and dominant now.

Remark Trump seems to be the answer to what Federal Reserve General Manager (FED), US central bank Jerome Powell said, that Bitcoin has certain characteristics that are equated with gold as a guarantee of value.

"Nobody uses Bitcoin for payments, they use it as gold as the protection of value … as a guarantee of speculative valuePowell argued.

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