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Ronald Akunya Jr. catapults as a star


Creole gave a beautiful show on the Classical holidays of the middle season, with 44 hosts in the Derby, and continues to ruin the Major.

KEMBERLIN CORREA | CARACAS.- He did not win, but how he looked. The National League Beginner of the Year in 2018, Ronald Akunya Jr., showed Monday night Cleveland is a progressive field, who is the best professional, and talent and youth seems to have made a historic pact with him.

Everyone already knew that the patrol was a "special" player, and his manifestation in the Derby at home ended with catapulting him as a star because he had just completed the first 200 matches. MLB

Acuña Jr. became the first Bravo to leave the first round of any home festival, having hit 25 home runs initially, breaking the 12 Freddie Freeman Braves record on one stage, and exceeding his 24 compatriot Bob Abreu in 2005. Unfortunately, Acuña was eliminated by Pete Alonso (champion) in the second round when he hit 19 hits against the New York City Newcomer.

But numbers do not matter at the moment when the attitude creates interesting similarities for the evaluation and recognition of the same characters. Sabanero seems to have all the tools eventually reaching the high place that today holds Mike Trout in a big show.

"I do not make comparisons, but Acuña is an interesting player to watch the game. I like it," said Trout on Monday in Cleveland, where the Creole Ranger responded, "It's a role model." He knows how to play in the M & # 39; juice, respects the game, respects his team ".

Two can fight the power, run, defend and throw hard on the bases, a complete package of tools that only have the most complete business.

One is unsurpassed and can provide a ticket to the Hall of Fame when he finishes 10 years of service in two years.

Dad never dies

With the choice of Russia Acuña Jr.To his first game of All-Star in his second year at MLB, Ronald Akunya Senior did not stop advising his "little" so he would not repeat his own false models. "Do not make the same mistakes as me," Ronald Senior recently told La Vida Baseball. "Show the people who you are. Run every time you hit the ball, because the hard move will take you out (…) I had a talent. I knew how to play baseball, but I never thought about weight loss, I also did not have the best attitude in this area, these two mistakes cut my car. Otherwise, I would have achieved it.

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