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The final ranking of the best episodes of this beautiful Devil series – Lucifer – Spoiler Time


Lucifer This is, of course, one of the favorite series of the public, because it managed to escape from its abolition in Russia 2018 of all social networking campaigns made by fans. Thanks to this series in the lead role Tom Ellis moved to Netflix where he got more followers. This change has improved the quality of the program and confirmed it, 7 with 10 episodes that make up the fourth season are among the best user ratings IMDb

Then we will leave you a list 10 episodes with the highest rating of a number and those that we think deserve their place.

10 All about Eve (S04E4)

In this issue we find the third episode of the fourth season and this is not less, because here we are first introduced by the biblical Eve, which supposedly is the first love Lucifer, From the first moment of innocence and beauty Eve They take us completely, becoming one of our favorite characters in the series.

In addition, in this episode, we have good sequences of action from the side Lucifer,

Source: Netflix

9 Expire Erect (S04E5)

This is one of the most fun episodes of the fourth season, On that Lucifer, Eve, Chloe and she They were abducted, bombarded. Working in a team, they are able to get out of the situation, but Lucifer it ends up hurting.

Also, we once again check that Lucifer and Chloe they are one for each other. Scene where Chloe Jump through it to protect it, makes us cry like children.

Source: Netflix

8 Pants for orgy (S04E6) t

We know that this is one of the favorite episodes of fans, because we see an example Lucifer in several scenes of the episode.


Although fun, this is also a tragic episode, as the police are dying during the investigation and we feel guilty. Lucifer,

Source: Netflix

7 Super-bad guy (S04E8)

Although we sometimes love Russia's relations Eve with LuciferThey did not manage well. That's why he tries to force her to leave him, to behave like a bad guy in a rather funny sequence.

The most important scene of this episode comes at the end when Lucifer He confesses that he hates himself. This is a moment that breaks our hearts, and this makes us better understand this character.

Source: Netflix

6 Good day to die (S02E13)

This is one of the most emotional whole series and has achieved this position, because it shows us the true personality of Russia Lucifer, WITH Chloe in danger of dying we see again Lucifer vulnerable and ready to sacrifice for the love of their lives. He dies to be able to go to hell and get an antidote formula, although sometimes he gets trapped in his own torment, where he must kill his brother Uriel Again and again, this is fierce!

Source: FOX

5 Devil as Devil (S04E7)

Lucifer Breaks down between the following tips Chloe o Eve, And although he tries to do everything right in the end, we find that his wings have returned in a rather demonic way. On the other hand, this episode is at the top of the page, because it gives us a great moment of discovery: a prediction that changes the look Lucifer,

In addition, this chapter returns us to his daughter Chloe, Trixie, and we love each of his scenes. She is a girl with a lot of personality!

Source: Netflix

4 Quintessential Deckerstar (S03E23)

We repeat once again: we love episodes Lucifer which make us cry to the seas. In this episode of the third season it happens death Charlotte by hand CainA very painful scene and at the same time essential to a completely free character.

On the other hand, Finally, we see Lucifer comments to Chloe her real feelings and the fear she has is not to be the person she thinks. AAAWWW!

Source: Netflix

3 Save Lucifer (S04E09)

This episode was named thanks to fans. Lucifer is completely transformed into a devil and though it seems that nothing can change it, with the help of Chloe Gets its original form.

This is a very emotional episode in which we see the development of both characters: Chloe to take Lucifer as he and he believes he can forgive himself.

Source: Netflix

2 Hell of my word (S03E24)

Of course, this episode should be on the list Well after a long wait Chloe Look at the face of the devil Lucifer, Before all this happens, Lucifer before him Cain in a big battle where he is the winner. In addition, he uses his wings to protect Chloe and set it safe. This is one of the best season finals!

Source: FOX

1 Who is the new king of hell? (S04E10)

First place is the last episode of the fourth season, and there is everything in it! Here the heroes are going together to save the child Linda and Amenadiel in an epic battle against a group of demons. Not only special effects are impressive, but also a script. Final scene Chloe confessing in his love LuciferIt broke our hearts However, it is worrying us, because it opens up the opportunity to learn more about the mythology of the series, which is now Lucifer again Hell,

Source: Netflix

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