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The HEARTS initiative is expanding in Panama to prevent and control cardiovascular disease


ENMAYUSCULA.- In order to strengthen the first level of attention and coordination of interinstitutional activities, the HEARTS initiative is initiated to combat cardiovascular disease and control their risk factors. The Ministry of Health (MINSA) and the Social Security Fund (CSS) in Panama, with technical assistance from the PAHO / WHO, conduct the National Seminar HEARTS in Panama from 8 to 12 July.

According to global statistics, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a major cause of death and requires many people to live than other illnesses.

In Panama, according to the National Census, there is evidence that hypertension, dyslipidaemia and obesity are risk factors and diseases of cardiovascular precursors, which in turn are a public health issue.

For this reason, the Ministry of Public Health and the Social Security Fund of Panama, with the political will to improve prevention and control of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and reduce the cardiovascular risks of the Panaman population, have suggested the implementation of the HEARTS Initiative, which gradually and harmoniously integrates into the health facilities of both institutions, introduces the best practices of propaganda and prevention, controls cardiovascular diseases, changes the work of services, improves the control of hypertension secondary prevention, emphasizing the country ehiyu primary care.

Dr. Rosario Turner, Health Minister in Panama, said that, in addition to tackling this issue with an approach to prevention and promotion, it is also considered with an emphasis on improving the health services offered in institutions. He also expressed the view that this will be a strategy that will be implemented throughout the country, as it is necessary to move from the traditional model of treatment to comprehensive quality assurance.

The minister added that it was shown that it is possible to achieve better prosperity through the prevention and promotion of health, and this is exactly what MONAS promotes.

For his part, the PAHO representative in Panama, Dr. Gerardo Alfaro, explained that the HEARTS initiative aims to strengthen the skills and competencies of interdisciplinary teams at the first level of attention from CSS and MINSA to identify and resolve an early stage of risk for the health of people and guaranteeing their integrity and constant attention.

The Coordinator of Non-Infectious Diseases MONAS, Dr Elza Arenas, noted that the PAHO / WHO and CDC's Atlanta Promoter Package, together with societies like Cardiology and Hypertension, aims, among other things, to Provide comprehensive assistance to a patient with high blood pressure, remembering that taking care not only provides medication but also contains physical activity, healthy eating, reduced alcohol consumption and tobacco consumption as a way to encourage people to go beyond the framework for taking medication ", – ska Head of Dr. Arenas.

In this regard, the Global Initiative HEARTS promotes the adoption of 5 technical packages:

  1. MPOWER: for tobacco control
  2. SHAKE: To reduce salt / sodium intake
  3. REPLACE: To reduce trans fat consumption
  4. ACTIVE: promoting physical activity
  5. HEART: for the clinical treatment of conditions associated with cardiovascular disease, with a high emphasis on hypertension control at the level of primary health.

These packages facilitate the implementation of the initiative and contribute to the goals and objectives of noncommunicable diseases.

In addition, in line with the goal of expanding the gradual inclusion of this initiative, the Virtual Public Health Campus PAHO / WHO is developing a virtual course to implement the HEARTS technical package for primary care for physicians. primary health care, nurses and other health professionals such as nutritionists, social workers, psychologists and other primary care providers and healthcare providers. The modality of this course will be self-study, where a participant can do it at his or her own pace, independently or as part of professional development programs in the workplace.

Currently, the team from seven health facilities involved in this pilot plan will have the task of sharing best practices and challenges arising from the introduction of HEARTS in Panama. The four MINSAs are integrated (Health Centers Nuevo Chorrillo, Torrijos Carter, Mayor Diaz and Pachora), as well as three MSUs (ULAPS, Machim Herrera, Dr. Edilberto Culliolis and prof.

At the end of this workshop, the implementation of HEARTs will begin in the healthcare areas of Veraghauz, Los Santos, Colon, Herrera and Kokle, for which PAHO maintains its commitment to working collaboratively with the interdisciplinary groups of health systems in Panama, a permanent technical

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