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The nodes rejected a block that could change the Bitcoin CryptoNews broadcast


The Bitcoin pot tried to add a block to BlockChein, which added 0.75 BTC additionally to the maximum emission limit of Bitcoin 12.5 bitches every 10 minutes. However, this did not succeed, due to the impact of the full Bitcoin nodes that rejected the block without following the required functions.

According to explained The Bitcoin developer Jameson Lope, a miner attempted to add a block in which the template block did not destroy the number of commissions of the previous block, so the miner had to get 0.77 BTC more because the block was found seconds after the previous block.

"We can assume that there was an error in the block template generator that could not remove the commissions from the previous template. in which the block was created, "said Lope.

"Bitcoin is an impassable fortress check. Your request to provide monetary inflation faster than agreed, was rejected, – the previous tweet says.

This attempt to change the reward for creating a block perceived by the network miners places on the table the importance of an increasing number of users joining Bitcoin, for example stressed developer, Luke Dashr, since these elements allow you to maintain the security of the block and the operation of the protocol, ensuring that only allowable transaction blocks can be added to the chain,

To better understand this event, CriptoNoticias contacted the Spanish developer, who was recognized as jochemin, and preferred not to disclose it. "Shakhtar created a block that did not respect the rules of consensusThese rules say that the deal monetary base it can not be higher than the new released bitcoin (12.5 BTC) plus the commission for the transactions included in the block. In this case, no transactions were included, so the maximum amount monetary base It can be 12,5 bitcoins, – says the developer.

He said he agrees with Loop about the argument that the creation of this unit was not intentional. They just built tx monetary base with commissions for operations that for some reason were not included in the block, – he said. In this case, the miner lost money, because the created block did not multiply.

"Distribute a block that does not answer consensus to throw money. Complete nodes always confirm that the rules are being executed ", – he stressed.

According to the draft protocol, "a miner can never include a block that does not comply with these rules hash which uses ", as Jochemin notes. The nodes abandoned the block and he was an orphan, that is, he was not added to Bitcoin blockkine, so the event was only an expensive joke for the miner.

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