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Thus Robbie Williams pursues his neighbor Jimmy Pade

January 14, 2019, 9:24
Updated January 14, 2019, 9:42 pm

Robbie Williams uses Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd or Deep Purple music as a weapon for "flour" of her neighbor, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Pade, for the legal dispute that remains open between the two stars about the reform that the first one wants to do in your home, reports BBC .

Musicians who live side by side in London's Dutch Park have been involved in neighboring struggle for over ninety years, since the "Take that" singer has the right to create a pool in his basement against which he opposes it. that "this could damage the structure of his Gothic mansion in 1875".

In a complaint to the city of Kensington and Chelsea, signed by a certain "Johnny", Williams is accused of having Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple drives at full volume because he knows that it "bothered" the Page. ,

The letter also criticizes the 44-year-old singer for being masked by "a long-haired wig and a pillow under a shirt to laugh the beer belly of musician and partner of the" Page "Robert Plant, British media reported. In connection with this, the spokeswoman for the singer, "Angels", said that these statements were "inventive and total nonsense."

In December last year, Williams received a construction permit for reconstruction, but the artist can not start until the advisers have received confirmation that the level of vibration and soil movement problems are low. control

Similarly, the city council has not yet decided whether Williams will pay a deposit or not, which may be lost if violated agreed terms or if there is any damage to the owner of the guitarist Led Zeppelin.

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