Monday , July 26 2021

Why did Tonyo Mouri return to the hospital? Clarify on Instagram

One of the closest friends to Luis Miguel, – Tonio Mouri, who is still trying to overcome the consequences of the infection, has caused great concern after it was recently announced that he has returned to the hospital,

Businessman Miguel Aleman Magnani’s brother-in-law, Tonio Mauri, would have undergone a double lung transplant due to damage caused by the virus, and although he continued to recover at home after discharge, he recently visited a medical center.

Fortunately, there is probably good news, so Tonio Mauri went to the hospital last Tuesday afternoon because doctors will conduct an examination of his past intervention.

This made the former member of the group “Strawberry with cream” very happy, because the results of the research were very successful, apparently, his recovery is favorable, it was revealed by the TV actor himself on social networks.

I went back to the hospital for my transplant examination. Everything is very good, thank God, wrote your favorite actor in his publication.

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Of course, this caused great joy among the followers of the brother of Graciela Mouri (actress of “Toy World”), who turned to send greetings to know that his recovery goes from strength to strength.

How nice to see you well, “Love uuuuuuuu”, “Glory to God”, “In God’s hands”, “With God’s favor everything will turn out very well, blessing”. These were just some of the love comments to the star on the screen.

After the long and difficult process of Antonio Mauri Villarinho, which he went through to be alive after catching COVID-19, no doubt his experience is another example of the existence of miracles.

Undoubtedly, now the 56-year-old Mexican actor and singer is aware of this, having managed to survive in all probability, now he is convinced that he has a purpose in life, and thank God that he is alive.

The interpreter of several television productions wants to share part of this great miracle and predicted that he could transfer his entire process to a new television project.

Carla Aleman Magnani’s husband, with whom she had two children, Carla Mauri and Antonio Mauri Aleman, spent about 8 months in hospital, four of them in a coma due to complications, surgery, which was the last hope for life.

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This made him think about leaving his testimony and thus being able to give hope to other people in the same situation.

I want to create a series that deals with these cases and others, I see it as a series we’re used to seeing, with the difference that the main theme is (those who overcome Covid 19 and delicate surgeries such as double lung transplantation).

I really want to make a documentary, a testimony with images that I have to take people from the beginning to today, said, among others, the actor “Por amar sin ley”, “La Malquerida”, “Teresa”.

The actor of TV series and TV shows also expressed the opinion that if God allowed him a new life, it means the transfer of his experience.

I only heard about people who unfortunately died, but I didn’t hear much about those who survived. And I can say that every night I thought it was my last day, he said.

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It was one of the first interviews that Mauri Villarinho had the opportunity to share in front of the cameras, in which he was emotional and moved to tears, especially when he spoke about the support he receives from his wife Carla and their children.

I just asked God to help me because I wanted to see my children again, I asked him with great love, affection and I know he listened to me because he has something for me that he wants from me , and I think it has to do with this added evidence.

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