Saturday , July 31 2021

19/11 Stock Quotes: Continue to keep the suspicious attitude of Securities

Technical resonance (neutral)

Recovery in the narrow band, together with low liquidity, shows that investors are quite careful. The market is in the state of a lack of information support, while the movements of the world market affect quite a lot of investor psychology in the country. CELF keeps the market rhythm at this stage mainly carrying technical factors and the main trend is still bearish. VN-Index can show the old base in October in 880-990. Investors should have a high stock share to continue to watch the recovery range to reduce the proportion of shares.

Only short-term recovery (increase)

(Bao Viet Securities Company – BVSC)

After 3 consecutive consecutive sessions, many stocks have come to an attractive price range. Demand for a low price has started to repay in some stocks that helped the market to recover. However, DVSC believes that this is likely to be a short and technical recovery.

Holding around accumulation (Neutral)

(MB Securities Company – MBS)

If oil prices continue to have technical momentum after falling into the bear market, the next week's market can expect the recovery range, at least accumulate around the 900 level help points. Generally, on a psychological basis, there was no technical change, the market continued to vary in terms of accumulation in low liquidity.

Can recover (increase)

(FPT Securities Company- FPTS)

We leave the possibility that the market will improve next week. Target near 915 – 917 points. Recovery capability will be re-inspected and rely on dynamics and durability of cash flow in the market.

Psychology weak (neutral)

(BIDV Securities Company – BSC)

An investor feeling was still weak because liquidity remained low and foreigners were still net dealers. Investors should keep track of market information about pre-Sino-US trade cutting and trading developments before the G20 meeting.

Decline of the week (Decrease)

(Ho Chi Minh City Securities Company – HSC)

Although too many stocks appear, this does not create a sustainable momentum. And HSC is of the opinion that the market is likely to fall early next week.

Hold the warning point (neutral)

(Viet Nam Stock Stock Securities Stock Company – VNCS)

Friday rally was not strong enough to make big progress. However, the striking increase on the HNX showed that the correction tended down, and some stocks appeared at the location and location. With such developments, VNCS would prefer to open a number of audit and purchase sites with a small proportion of stocks.

The demand to challenge (increase)

(Viet Capital Securities Company – VCSC)

The VCSC sensation is improving, but the signal is not strong enough to attract market calls. Therefore, it is likely that demand will continue to strive to challenge resistance levels such as 905 VN-Index, 880 VN30 or 103.5 HNX-Index points during the next trading day. If we can close above these resistances, the market will identify the rally better and that is when investors can consider increasing their stock exposure.

Operating can be longer (increase)

(Viet Dragon Securities Company – VDSC)

The market turns up after 3 consecutive loss sessions of and so on. Bank and Petroleum stocks play a leading role. A number of penny and hill stocks continue to attract cash flow. We still see many large stocks such as VIC, VHM, VRE, NVL, VNM … However, we can see that the cash flow at the weekend is quite strong after many sessions have been stopped. The positive one is likely to continue in the next sessions.

Systemic risk is high (neutral)

(KIS Vietnam Securities Corner Stock Company – KIS)

Regardless of the successful collision, the systematic risk remains high because VN-Index goes to the old bottom in October 2018, about 880-890 points. Over a long time, the uptrend still existed. Therefore, investors should be careful and wait for market stability before the actions.

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