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Chinese ships congratulate 32 people who are rescued in Vietnamese fishermen – FEV


According to the Bien Phong newspaper, the search and rescue guard of the Kuang Ngaish Border Guard Service said that at 12 pm on July 11, QNg 96169 TS, a fishing vessel, was owned by the fishing boat Van Must and the captain made a transfer. 32 fishermen in trouble.

Through ground communications with fishing boats, Quang Ngai border guards instructed the captain to approach a large Chinese transport vehicle operating nearby.

After that, Vietnamese fishermen handed over to all 32 Chinese sailors in trouble safe transport to get better care and return home sooner.

As planned, the captain's ship should return to the mainland this morning on July 12th.

Tau China would like to ask 32 in the Vietnamese people
The Quang Ngai search and rescue station with the border guards was fishing with Bui Van On the right, during the fishing vessel QNg 96169 TS, it transmitted 32 unsuspected fishermen by Chinese transport. (Photo: Bien Phong newspaper)

It is reported that, after receiving information about 32 unsuspecting fishermen, the authorities turned to the Chinese side for the purpose of identifying fishermen.

The Chinese side has a transport ship near the area that requested access to its victims to citizens.

As it was reported, at 6 o'clock in the morning on July 11, practicing seafood operation about 70 nautical miles from the island of Sun Tu Thai in the northwest direction, the captain's ship apparently revealed 32 Chinese fishermen. Victims are assigned to rescue canoes at coordinates 12o24 & # 39; N – 113o58 & # 39; E.

The captain must instruct his crew members to take care of health, medicine and food support for 32 Chinese fishermen and go to the Sa-Ky port (Quang Ngai province) to convey authority to the authorities.

It is known that the fishing vessel QNg 96169 TS, a fisherman of Bui Van Must (living in Haiyu District, Ly Ly District, Quang Ngai Province), is a captain with 14 workers aboard. landed at 9-7 to do diving in the Truong Sa fishing area.

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