Monday , July 26 2021

Covid-19 News on the morning of July 22: Ho Chi Minh City found 2,433 new infections News

On the morning of July 22, the Ministry of Health announced that Ho Chi Minh City had recorded an additional 2,433 cases of Covid-19.

From April 27 to this morning in Ho Chi Minh City there are 43,776 confirmed cases of Covid-19 infection.

Ho Chi Minh City uses stronger measures than Directive 16, with densely populated areas to prevent Covid-19

Last night, July 21, at a press conference to inform about the situation with the Covid-19 epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City, the Ho Chi Minh City Disease Control Center (HCDC) reported for the past day (from 6 am). July 20 – 6 am) on the morning of July 21 in the city of Ho Chi Minh City there were 5,480 positive cases. The number of cases is reported to the Ministry of Health and the number of patients.

Of these 5,480 cases, almost 90% are in areas of blockade and isolation, and there is no reason to confirm cross-contamination.

The HCDC also reported that Ho Chi Minh City is currently treating 33,838 patients, with 4,837 cases discharged. It is projected that 1,000 people will be discharged from the hospital every day in the near future if the treatment situation is as good as it is now. There were 332 deaths, most of these deaths were with major diseases.

Regarding F1 insulators at home, the HCDC stated that there are 125 fully registered, qualified and verified cases, and 15 districts provide F1 insulators at home. At the same time, the HCDC fills out a home insulation leaflet for F1 to make it accessible to the public, easy to view, easy to read and easy to follow.

There are 35 hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City that collect and treat Covid-19 with more than 59,000 beds. In which there are 13 field hospitals and with the participation of hospitals of central ministries and hospitals for the treatment of other diseases involved in the treatment of Covid-19. HCMC has more than 59,000 beds.

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