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Do drugs destroy, but “fall” on the market? | News

Economic Police Department (PC03) Dong Nai Provincial Police said they were accepting and investigating the denunciations of two citizens because they had purchased the wrong batch of substandard drugs and destroyed it. The complainants are Mr Duong Wang Hoang and Mr Nguyen Wang Tang (both 43 years old, both living in Ho Chi Minh City).

Way 860 kg of drugs

According to Mr. Tang’s testimony at the Dong Nai CSDT Police Department, in November 2019 he was introduced by Mr. Nguyen Wang Dai, who introduced himself as the managing director of the Hang Tang Hazardous Waste Processing Plant (HW). Thien Thanh Environmental Joint-Stock Company (named Tien Thanh, headquartered in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City; Hazardous Waste Processing Plant located in Winh Tan District, Winh Kuu District, Dong Nai Province), hello sale of batches of medicines and drug storage materials.

“Mr. Dai confirmed that he had a full account and gave several samples of drugs at the same time. Seeing the expiration date, I offered to take the video to offer, Mr. Dai agreed, “said Mr. Tang at the police station and said that after looking for a buyer named Phi (unknown person; specializing in scrap metal trading in the port of Kat Lai, Ho Chi Minh City), Mr. Tan returned to the Vinh Tan Hazardous Waste Processing Plant to purchase many 860 kg of drugs (including many species) and 5 tons of preservatives for 921 million. copper.

“Mr. Dai said that these drugs are purchased from the Boston Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, and the company will issue invoices to the buyer. When I heard this, I sent a truck twice, gave 900 million dong in cash, and handed over the rest, ”Mr. Tang said.

According to the weight of the vehicle that the exported hazardous waste processing plant of the Joint-Stock Company “Tin Thanh” exported, a batch of Western medicine and 5 tons of medicinal herbs were transported from January 7 to January 1, 2019. After the purchase, Mr. Tang sold the above lot to a man named Phi for 1.25 billion dong. This person again sold to a man named Lam, then Mr. Lam sold it to Mr. Duong Van Hoang for 2 billion dong.

Dangerous for sick people

According to Mr. Le Quang Trung, Dong Nai’s deputy director of the health department, drugs that have expired or are of poor quality do not guarantee problems with treating patients. If these drugs are antibiotics, they can cause drug resistance, drug resistance, which is very dangerous, affecting the patient’s life. In the meantime, for trade in goods related to drugs and pharmaceuticals, it is necessary to register an enterprise and industry licensed by the Department of Planning and Investment for activities.

There is no invoice to make the denunciation

Although handed over to many people, as there is no invoice, the shipment is still in Mr. Nguyen Van Tan’s warehouse in District 7 (Ho Chi Minh City). Answer YouthMr. Duong Wang Hoang said: “After many days of waiting, not seeing the invoices, thinking that if they put them on the consumer market, it would break the law, so in early December 2019, Mr. Tang and I filed a complaint with the police. Dong Nai “.

The amount of medicine that Mr. Nguyen Wang Tang purchased from Mr. Nguyen Wang Day

The amount of medicine that Mr. Nguyen Wang Tang purchased from Mr. Nguyen Wang Day

By July 2020, Mr. Hoang and Mr. Tang had transported the entire party and handed it over to PC03 Dong Nai police. Here, the functional forces of Dong Nai Province jointly counted and sealed the cargo. Record recording: Mr. Hoang handed over 40 boxes in blister packs, the appearance is similar to medicine; 190 white bags (do not check the contents); 3 blue plastic drums, inside with white powder and 1 plastic bag with white powder.

Both Mr. Tang and Mr. Hoang acknowledged that they did not have a business registration in the pharmaceutical industry. “I’m a businessman who sees the expiration date, and if I make a profit, I can buy it,” Mr Tang said.

Employees of the Vinh Tan Hazardous Waste Processing Plant remove the medicine from the barrel and then hand it over to Mr. Tan

Workers at the Vinh Tan Hazardous Waste Processing Plant remove the medicine from the barrel and then hand it over to Mr. Tan

Meanwhile, the answer YouthMr. Luong Dang Hoa, CEO of Boston Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (Boston-Vietnam Company), said that the company has worked with Thien Thanh for many years (both parties have signed a contract each year) through a hazardous waste management partner (issued by the Ministry). natural resources and the environment). The last contract was signed on December 27, 2018, containing 18 types, including an expired list of medicines.
As for the batch of drugs to be disposed of, they appeared on the market, Mr. Hoa said that the police department of Dong Nai Province CSDT repeatedly came to the company to work. In which 860 kg of drugs belong to the company, while 5 tons of medicinal ingredients are not preserved. “Of the 860 kg of drugs, mainly CETYRIZINE BOSTON, it is still expired, but of poor quality, so it must be destroyed. The rest are residual drugs, and most of them are over, and they need to be destroyed, “Mr Hoa said.

Also, according to Mr. Hoa, in early 2020, when the news about the above batch of drugs appeared on the market, Boston Vietnam sent a document (from 2.1.2020) to Thien Thanh, which states: “On September 27, 2019, the Thien Thanh Branch sends employees to the Boston-based Vietnam Hazardous Waste Disposal Company. The Boston-based Vietnamese company sent Mr. Nguyen Le Thien, deputy head of quality control, for supervision. When burning 3 barrels, the Thien Thanh branch reported that an employee of the Department of the Environment came to check and was no longer able to burn; The remaining waste will be disposed of in accordance with the agreement specified in the contract. But now the Boston-based Vietnamese company has received information that this hazardous waste is present on the market. Therefore, we ask Thien Thanh to return all hazardous waste that has not been completely destroyed. ”

On January 15, 2020, Thien Thanh responded in writing, signed by Director Nguyen Hoang Tai, stating: “All hazardous wastes, as well as spoiled drugs, expired drugs, we undertake to destroy and process to fully manage the current governance process. “Vietnam”.

Over the past few days PV Youth tried to contact Mr. Nguyen Hoang Tai to clarify the matter, but Mr. Tai refused to answer. As for Mr. Nguyen Van Day, speaking about the sale and purchase of Western medicines, as well as the destruction of preservatives on the market, the person said, “I know nothing,” and then hung up.

Exceeding regulatory requirements should take into account crime

Around the hazardous waste recycling plant, which again smuggled goods for destruction to the market, Mr. Tran Chong Toan, Director of the Department of Environment of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Dong Nai, analyzed: With institutions that receive hazardous waste but do not cope with by them properly, but transfer them to unlicensed organizations and individuals, actions must be taken in accordance with Decree 155 2016 (provisions on sanctioning administrative violations of In case of exceeding these rules, they should be taken into account for crimes ”).

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