Monday , August 2 2021

Dollar price has joined Finance – Business

USD-Index decreased by 0.7 points to 96.4 points. The reason for the sharp reduction of the USD came from the news that the Federal Reserve will not accelerate the USD rate hike as it will undermine the US economy.

Free USD price in the country has reduced 25 VND / USD, the purchase price is 23,425 VND / USD, the price is 23,435 VND / USD. Commercial banks kept the price of the USD constantly in VND23,260 / USD on the buying side and sold at VND23,355 / USD.

A reduction in USD means that the gold support has increased by $ 7 / uns, up to $ 1,223 / uns.

Over the last week, the gold price of the world increased by $ 30 each. According to the Kitco survey, most participants said that the price of gold next week will increase. The SJC gold price increased 40,000 VND / tall, Saigon Jewelry Company – SJC bought 36.52 million VND / tall, selling 36.68-36.7 million / tall. The price of SJC gold is higher than the world 2 million VND / tall.

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