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From July 1, insurance premiums have been increased


The basic wage increased from 1.39 to 1.49 million, and the household insurance contribution also increased by at least 21 600 don.

Under the Health Insurance Act 146/2018 / ND-CP, the first insurance premium for households is set at 4.5% of the base salary. The second, third and fourth – 70%, 60% and 50% of the first person respectively. More than 40% of the first person comes from a person.

With an increase in the basic salary, the first-person health insurance premium increases the most, adding VND 4,500 per month, and the person increases by 1800 VND per month.

Change the level of health insurance of the estate from July 1. Photo: Social Insurance.

Changes in health insurance premiums from July 1. Photo: Social insurance in the United States.

Beneficiaries of home health insurance are 80% of the cost of medical examination and treatment if they go to a medical examination and treatment at the right level. In case of excessive medical examination and treatment, patients receive 40% if they are treated in a hospital in a central hospital; 60% in inpatient treatment in provincial hospitals; 100% for medical examination and treatment in district hospitals.

In May 2019, there were 84.5 million people on health insurance cards, 89% coverage rate. The goal of 2025 is health insurance for more than 95% of the population.

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